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Mike Tyson, who was once a liberal, says he's become 'a little conservative' as he ages

Mike Tyson doesn’t like to discuss politics in public.

In a recent interview with Newsmax, the former heavyweight boxing champion was asked to comment on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis because Tyson lives in the state. The former champion dodged the question and reiterated his determination not to publicly express his political views, claiming that “when we talk about politics, my family gets mad and my friends get mad.”

“Look, if I start talking about politics, my friends won’t like me,” Tyson said. “Let’s not do that, okay? Let’s not do that.”

Tyson, who previously backed Donald Trump’s presidency in 2015, claimed he was being attacked Before the “beating” of the American media, he had shared his political views. “They stole my free speech,” Tyson said.

Despite not wanting to engage in political discussions, Tyson is willing to be honest about his current political leanings, noting that he has become more conservative over time.

“When I was younger, I was a total liberal. But as I got older, I looked at my kids and saw what in the world, I Get a little conservative.

“It’s common sense, look at the world we have now. You want to be safe. “



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