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Mila Kunis Confirms She's Not in New 'Fantastic Four' Movie, But She 'Knows Who'

Mila Kunis is denying rumors that she will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When host James Corden on Wednesday’s asked her on the show The Late Late Show if she will be on the upcoming played Susan Storm in the Fantastic Four movie, that’70s Show actress responded, “Obviously, if You and a guy in the industry, and then you start working together, according to the internet.

After going to a deli one day with director Matt Shakman, She explained, “The next day I somehow Fantastic Four.

Although luckiest girl alive The star won’t be in the reboot, and she did note that she does “know who.” But Kunis gave no further details because “I don’t want to trouble The Mouse [Disney executives], so who do you Don’t know either. “

NEW FANTASTIC FOUR MOVIE, FEBRUARY RELEASE DATE14, 2024, Will kicks off Phase 6 of its storytelling universe. Last month, The Hollywood Reporter Exclusive Josh Friedman on Avatar: Way of Water , was appointed as the new screenwriter for

Shakman directed the film . Before Friedman was hired, Jeff · Kaplan and Ian Springer were previous writers on the project.

The Fantastic Four hero team was instrumental in introducing to the world Role MCU in 70. Despite surrounding this movie Most of the details are being kept under wraps, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige told THR At San Diego Comic-Con in July 2025 This The film will not be an origin story. “A lot of people know the origin story,” he said. Lots of people know the basics. How do we leverage that and bring something they haven’t seen before? “




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