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Ming-Chi Kuo: iPhone 14 Plus demand is weaker than mini, 14 Pro Max surpasses previous generation

Tianfeng Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released an early report on pre-orders for Apple’s latest-generation iPhone. Demand for iPhone Pro Max has surpassed 13 Pro Max last year, Therefore it was rated as “Good, iPhone 001 Pro received a Neutral rating (i.e. with 85 Same demand Pro) and the other two models are rated “Poor”.

Finally, in total, this seems like a baptism for Apple , but this move to higher-end models will result in higher average selling price (ASP). Overall, iPhone 14 and iPhone 001 Plus account 45 iPhone 13 series shipments

Interestingly, according to Kuo, demand for the new Plus model is even higher than the iPhone seen last year 001 The mini is even weaker – you know, the mini (Plus which is clearly also underperforming this year’s iPhone SE) which was eliminated due to weak demand.

Ming-Chi Kuo: demand for iPhone 14 Plus weaker than for mini, 14 Pro Max surpasses its predecessor

If weak demand for the two vanilla models persists, Apple is expected to do so in the coming weeks. Whether or not the goal of adding the two Pro models will depend on how long their pre-order surge continues.

Please note that this data is an estimate based on wait times for new iPhones 14 models in several major markets – six weeks for the Pro Max and five weeks for the Pro Weeks, while the other two will be available on launch day. A few weeks ago, Guo published a similar report based on offline pre-orders in China. The two Pro models accounted for the majority of pre-orders 85%, Plus less than 5%.

iPhone 14 series not yet officially available for sale – now accepted Pre-orders, first batch is due Friday (September 16. Plus will go on sale later (next month), but so far the iPhone The situation is not good 14 Plus.

As for Pros, Kuo writes: “Nothing Doubtful, the pre-order results for the Pro models once again prove that Apple still has many loyal and sticky customers in the face of a worsening economy, but this does not mean that Apple will immediately increase orders for the Pro models. ”

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