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Mino Nozomi Reveals New Manga's Title and Story Details

January2023 Shogakukan‘s magazine on Thursday

Mino Nozomi ‘s new manga is titled Karasu to Usagi (Crow and Rabbit), will be published in the December magazine February 2023 issue. Shogakukan teases new manga with tagline, “This kind of love is taboo.”

Mino launched () Shogakukan‘s Premium Magazine in March 2018, before moving series to sister magazine April2023. The main story of the manga ends in June . Manga also featured in Premium magazine of Shogakukan Titled Special Bullet, the manga also ended serialization in the magazine’s August issue on July 5. Shogakukan released the manga’s in November) The 1st and last volume .

Viz Media The seventh volume of the comics , which will be published in December.

The comic inspired the live-action series, which premiered in October12.

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