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Minoru Furuya's Ciguatera Manga to launch live-action series in April

TV TOKYO announced on Wednesday that it is producing a live-action series The manga adapted from Minoru Furuya will be released on April 7 Day in its “Drama ” Section premiere. Kotarō Daigo (Morishima Hotaka, the left side of the picture below) plays the protagonist Ogino Yusuke, and Guan Shuizhu ( Hachigatsu wa Yoru no Batting Center de., : Final Game, right) as Yumi Nagumo. castcastcastciguateravolume1© “シガテラ” Production Committee

Masataka Hayashi, Yū Inose, Takahiro Takasugi, and Yōsuke Nakamura are directing the series, with a script by Yōsuke Masaike. cast cast

© Minoru Furuya, Kodansha, Kodansha USA Publishing

Kodansha USA Publishing The manga is being released in English and it describes the story:

This growth story from a contemporary master Minoru Furuya Centers on 17-year-old Yusuke Ogino, a self-proclaimed loser whose only refuge from the bullying hell he went through at school is his dream of freedom on a motorcycle. But the unexpected intrusion of a beautiful young woman into his life threatens to upend his entire world, forcing him to reevaluate his relationships and even his sense of self. Instantly resonant and painfully honest, Furuya’s manga blends dark humor with the sad and awkward realities of everyday life to produce a quintessential youth story. The meticulous and uninhibited art oscillates from stark realism to hilarious caricature, while nuanced characters and complex emotions help transcend genre boundaries to become one of graphic storytelling’s great masterpieces.

Furuya has serialized manga

in Kodansha of from 2003 arrive2005. Kodansha published a six-volume collection for the manga, which was later reissued in four volumes library fan format. Kodansha USA Publishing July 3rd Volume 2022.

Furuya’s is adapted into a live action award winning film by


directed by Sion Sono. Furuya’s manga is at Received an animated adaptation in , which was later distributed in North America by Central Park Media. His comic inspired a live-action film adaptation in May 2011.

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