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Missed DP attempt can't derail Cole

Missed DP attempts can % t cheating Cole

Yankees@ Ace fought hard in the 6th inning, leading 1-1 to 5-0. Era

Arlington– after stringing 2/3 scoreless innings, Yankees ace Gerrit Cole saw his superb streak lose on Thursday – without a doubt Literally speaking, because he couldn’t hold the bat on the long-range double-play attempt that led to the Rangers’ first run. But Cole beat his only unfortunate inning with a 4-2 run and held on to the lead, keeping the Yankees undefeated this season.

The Rangers’ 6th inning was a rundown of light-hitting but ideally-placed groundballs, and after the first two hitters hit singles in the middle and the third walked, Cole found himself in a base-loaded, no-out situation. The only runs Kerr surrendered came from a grounder picked by an outfielder — an escaped double — and a chopper on an infield single to third.

• Referee (right hip) off, may miss weekend series

“Sixth inning was tough – [we] executed almost every pitch we wanted, obviously, the Rangers were tough and a team Top-notch team, being able to put the ball in the game is good for them,” Kerr said. “They found some loopholes. It was an ordeal.”

If the Yankees can execute a difficult 3-6-1 on base double .

Cole gloved shortstop Anthony Volpe’s pass, but dropped it while he was trying to catch and step first at the same time. That allowed the run to score; another later came home on Ezequiel Duran’s infield grounder.

“I need to play and I’m capable of playing,” Kerr said of the double-play attempt. “Obviously, it’s been tough. But I’m really happy about continuing to make our pitches and putting in the type of contact we wanted to get, and in the end it came our way and we walked out of there with a head start.”

could have been worse, especially if Kerr hadn’t knocked down Rangers cleaner Adoris Garcia with the bases loaded and no outs. Cole got Garcia off the ground with a fouled low changeup, then went for twos and threes in the heat.

“The pitches were stacked [and] obviously I was worn out, so I’m glad we were able to keep the pitch and keep the unpredictability. … It was really hard to keep the lock down, but when [catcher Jose Trevino ] is much easier when picking pitches.”

Cole strikes out eight batters – – to him 44 Strikeouts

2/3 innings. He finished with a 1. ERA and an early 1 Improve to 5-0 — a season series full of Cy Young contender numbers. The Yankees are 6-0 in starters this year. This season, opponents are hitting the ball. 40 Cole.

“It’s coming from my teammates, it’s coming from our preparation, and it’s coming from being in a good position to execute a lot of throws,” Kerr said. “We just hit good baseball a lot, that’s what you get as a pitcher.”



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