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Missed fist: Fighter escapes suffocation with vicious pullback Grand Slam knockout

Welcome to the latest installment of Missed Fists as we highlight fights from around the globe that can go unnoticed during a busy period when there seems to be an MMA show every other day.

Last week, we featured some amazing commits that seem to have been made out of thin air, but the truth is these are things that only happen often In the dark corners of the combat sports world. This thread continues this week because, as you know, one of our favorite things about low-level MMA is low-level submission defense.

Although in the first instance, this defense turns out to be correct.

(As always thanks to @Barrelelapierna for the weekly list of best KOs and submissions, and @Grabaka_Hitman for uploading many of the clips you see here. If you can Follow them and chip on Patreon.)

Dominique Simon vs. Luke Brinkworth

We are told time and time again to try to get from What a terrible idea to slam your way out in a commit. In most cases, assuming your opponents know what they’re doing, you’re just going to sink yourself deeper.

Amateur lightweight Dominic Simon says you can use your conventional fighting wisdom and push it. Get him ready to eventually become a voluntary grand slam. Seriously, how could he see this happening? This is essentially an accidental head bump.

Here’s another look, courtesy of RIZIN and UFC vet Damien Brown.

I mean, it’s already OUT.

If you want to see more from Xtreme Fighting Champions 58, you can watch pay-per-view here replay.

Giorgi Kotorashvili vs. Puriya Nemati

Mariam Tolcinava and Arabian Mozgan

Shermurat Kalilov vs. Khvicha Koridze Heading to Batumi, Georgia, our defense and decision-making are more questionable, starting with Giorgi Kotorashvili capturing Kimura from a rare angle.

Poor Puriya Nemati, the comments are ruthless. Look how badly that arm is bent ! Let’s see if any of you remember your jiu-jitsu class in that situation.

The same goes for Arabian Mozgan when Mariam Torch She didn’t offer much resistance when Mariam Torchinava stripped her off the fence and put on – to put it mildly – naked chokers after deliberately pacing.

This is Mozghan’s first professional fight, so it can only go up from here .

Speaking of which, Khvicha Koridze would think twice, How to stand up from the canvas in future battles.

Shermurat Kalilov KO’s Khvicha Koridze with a nice right hand and GNP as Koridze tries to get up. That’s crazy. And the new GFC Featherweight Champion #GFC17

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) September 2, 2022

You have to know that the referee didn’t actually put you Separate, my guy. Put your hands up!

Shermurat Kalilov though took the chance And won the flyweight championship.

You can find them in their Free replay of the 17th Georgia Fighting Championship on YouTube.

Gabriela Ribeiro vs. Nina da Silva

Carlos Prates vs. Charles de Oliveira

Talisson Teixeira vs. Fernando Kato

Marcio Andrade vs. Luis Nogueira

Gabriella Ribeiro wins a truly life-changing knockout (with MMA gloves) in kickboxing at the 37th Outstanding Fighting Championship in São Paulo.

Seriously, this This whack will rearrange your priorities and make you question every decision you make at this point. outright dirty.

In the main event, Carlos Plattes won the vacant welterweight title with the best jab I’ve seen since George St-Pierre invented the MMA jab at UFC 124.

talked about Great one-shot knockout, here’s what Talisson Teixeira waited for him until he got the perfect counter punch and won in just 24 seconds.

us Can’t leave Brazil without talking about Marcio Andrade’s superb performance against Bellato vet Luis Nogueira and better post-match antics.

It’s one of those celebrations where we all go, “I can do this…if I want to.”

Ivana Petrovic vs. Alexandra Tekenah

Slim Trabelsi vs. Azamat Nuftillaev

UFC Made its debut in France last weekend, but let’s not forget Fernand Lopez’s Ares FC promotion has been delayed by a minute.

at Ares FC 8 in Paris (for replays on UFC Fight Pass), they crowned two new champions as Ivana Petrovic won the vacant lightweight belt under a submission from Alexandra Tekenah, while Slim Trabelsi dropped an exhausted Azamat Nuftillaev for the vacant heavyweight title.

French MMA is en feu!

Abraham Nava vs. Gillette Elmo Torres

Luis Guerrero vs. Freddie Villegas

At Lux Fight League 26 in Mexico City, Abraham Nava was the runner-up for our most brutal knockout a week away, when he was still While on one leg, he kicked and absolutely hammered opponent Guillermo Torres.

In the co-main event, Luis Guerrero shows us this week’s Humpty Fall as he has seconds left in the first round , eliminated the game through Fredy Villegas.

Kenan Byramov and Dmitry Yanbikov

We cannot fail to mention Kenan Bayramov’s spectacular fall in Rage Arena 4 round kick.

That strike didn’t quite put away Dmitry Yanbikov, but it was the beginning of the end, and the flurry that actually ended the fight was just as fun.

ICYMI, be sure to check out Guilherme Cruz’s follow-up with Zuluzinho on his knockout defeat in Russia over the weekend after falling victim to unconventional standing rules. Because there’s always room for another weird Zuluzinho episode.

Until next time, remember: the main goal of martial arts is to teach self-defense.

if You know of a recent fight or event that you think may have gone unnoticed, or a promotion that might get attention, please let us know on Twitter – @AlexanderKlee – Use the hashtag #MissedFists.



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