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'Mission: Impossible' Director Reveals Tom Cruise Will Play Speedy Left Crew in 'Absolute Horror'

Tom Cruise and

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 The crew is detailing the process of filming an epic high-speed flight scene for an upcoming film.

Known for going above and beyond his stunts, the actor learned how to direct

Christopher McQuarrie “One of the most dangerous sports in the world” in the latest action series.

In a recent video featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the movie, the filmmaker explained that because Cruise “has no limits,” “we become a little bit more every time.” Take risks.” This time around, the actor decided to do a sport “that few people on this planet do.”

McQuarrie went on to explain, “Although it looks similar, flying at high speed is not skydiving. Skydiving is fairly predictable. Flying at speed is extremely unpredictable. “

This aerial sport is similar to paragliding, incorporating elements of parachute diving, allowing people to fly down hills at high speed while maintaining close distance to the ground.

In the video, Cruise says of the stunt, “We’re going to do a spiral, and we’re landing at an unbelievably high speed, over 12 kilometers per hour.”

McQuarrie added that although when “flying very fast” It “looked pretty nice” when “close to the rocks”, and the crew was in “absolute terror” behind the camera. Especially since they had to overcome several technical challenges, including coming up with stunts and finding the most Dynasty-style shot way.

The director called the whole experience a “one-of-a-kind adventure”.

Take on

Deadly stunts are nothing new to Cruise . Throughout his decades-long career, the actor has continually found ways to push the limits of his projects, from climbing skyscrapers to hanging On the outside of the plane. On the first day of shooting for his upcoming film, he also drove his motorcycle off a cliff and parachuted to safety.

Mission: Impossible – Death “Reckoning Part 1”

will be released in July 12.



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