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'Mission: Impossible' director says he considered ageing Tom Cruise on set

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECOGNITION PART 1 almost followed Indiana In the footsteps of Zhou, “Jones and the Dial of Fate” ages its iconic leading man.

In a recent interview with )GamesRadar+ and Total Film, director Christopher McQuarrie revealed that Mission: Impossible 7 The creative team researched using this technique on in one of the opening scenes of the movie featuring Tom Cruise in .

“Originally, there was a full sequence at the beginning of the movie that would take place at 40,” he explained. “We saw it as a cold opening, we saw it as a flashback in a movie, we saw it as anti-aging.”

But it ultimately led to McQuarrie’s decision not to be in the The technology used in the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible is not the actual technology*) of the franchise.

“One of the big things I saw about [antiaging] when I was researching, I kept saying, ‘Boy, is this antiaging really ‘good’ or “This anti-aging wasn’t great,” recalls the director. “I never found myself really paying attention to the story. ”

Once they actually tested the anti-aging technology on Cruise, McQuarrie said he was so obsessed with the actor’s appearance that he missed his performance. He added , “I’m distraught because an actor I’ve known for a long time is now suddenly this young man. ”

While fans can’t expect to see a younger version of Cruise in the film, the director noted that he’s looking at ways to possibly incorporate it into future projects.

“In researching [the technology], I cracked the code – I think – of how best to go about this,” McQuarrie said. “By then, we’d Have moved away from it. We’ll probably still play it. We never say never. ”

Viewers also recently saw 40 year old Harrison Ford in the fifth Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, which hits theaters at the end of June. Director James Mangold uses anti-aging techniques and the actor’s Old footage to create the illusion.

Mission: Impossible 6: Dead Reckoning #1 “ is currently playing in theaters. 1235535315



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