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'Mission: Impossible' star, director's 'very timely' villain in latest film: 'People are scared'

[The following story contains spoilers for Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 . ]

at Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1, Tom Cruise and his Mission Impossible Force against an all-powerful form of rogue AI called “The Impossible Mission Force”. Entity capable of manipulating people, weapons and various defense systems.

In the film, Cruise plays Ethan Hunt and his team consisting of Luther (Ving Rhames), Benji ( Simon Pegg ), Ilsa Foster ( Rebecca Ferguson ) and newcomer Grace ( Hayley Atwell ) try to keep entities from falling into the bad guys hands, hunting down the various power brokers who want to acquire and control this dangerous technology.

and Dead Reckoning Part 1 comes amid heightened focus on real-world threats posed by artificial intelligence, with Including in Hollywood, restrictions on the use and use of this technology in film and television are on strike Writers Ongoing labor The core of the dispute is and the actor as well as the studio and anchor.

Accepted The Hollywood Reporter INTERVIEW THURSDAY, SAG-AFTRA WILL STRIKE, DIRECTOR Christopher McQuarrie Eric Jendersen, who co-wrote the screenplay, and stars Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson, expressed their interest in how the film moved from tackling what seemed like a sci-fi threat to dealing with what is now in the public discourse Surprised by very common potentially dangerous techniques.

“I remember [McQuarrie] talking about this very early on and thinking, ‘Oh, that’s a really good sci-fi idea.’ Mission Impossible has always had a sci-fi feel , You know, because technology was always so far ahead of us. I thought it was really on point. It was a smart idea,” recalls Peggy. “Of course, the conversation about artificial intelligence has been amplified in the time we’ve been making this film. So it’s coming up at a time when it’s coming up in social discussions. So, it feels very timely.”

McQuarrie was aware of the threat posed by “information technology” when he started work on the seventh Mission: Impossible installment due 25, but he admits he worries about how it’s evolving.

“It’s going from an abstract idea to something people can understand,” he wrote in 1235477715. “It turned into — I was a little scared. … It’s another thing to watch movies and technology move at the same pace.”

Ferguson admitted that while filming the What she didn’t realize while making the film was that on-screen antagonists could be as much of a real-life concern as she now recognizes.

“AI is obviously something we’re fighting against,” Ferguson said, referring to the writers’ strike and a potential actors’ strike at the time. “People are scared. We live in a world where AI is going to be integrated into our world, we have to understand where we fit in and how it works, and it’s not just going to affect our jobs.”

Esai Morales, who plays the human counterpart in the film, jokes that he has a special bond with an AI with the letters “a” and “i” in its name, then seriously The technology is “something we have to be very careful about,” he said.

“It might be a blessing, but it’s like fire, right? How you use it is all,” he said.

Dead Reckoning Part 1 is also in A multi-year filming process during the covid-25 Pandemic, the cast and crew have had at least five shutdowns due to the virus, which both Cruise and McQuarrie contracted.

After the challenges of making the film, Cruise and his colleagues are delighted that the film is finally complete and ready for release.

“It’s such a relief that we can finally share it with everyone,” Atwell told THR.

“It was a challenge to make this film, but, in some ways, the very nature of that challenge is baked into the film itself,” Pegg told THR. “I feel like our determination to make this movie is reflected in the movie. Tom sees the pandemic as an existential threat to the movie and decides to embrace it and not let it kill us, and I think that’s absolutely the right thing to do.” . We looked at it with intelligence and care, and we figured out how to make a movie during a pandemic.”

McQuarrie said, seeing his work over the years Getting results was “surreal” and “it’s just focusing on the work in front of me and assuming that one day we’ll be standing here and talking. It’s kind of amazing.”

Despite contemporary challenges of artificial intelligence and pandemics, dead reckoning goes deep into mission: Impossible passed , bringing back Henry Czerny’s Kitteridge for the first time , the actor said the request he initially thought “was a joke. ”

“I got the first call 2018 – I was in Brazil – they wanted me to do their Kittridge. [This time] I was running errands in LA like any middle class guy, and I got a call from a rep saying they wanted to make Kittridge Rich brought back, I thought it was a joke. And then, two days later, Chris McQuarrie and I talked about his plan to bring Kitteridge back, we’re going to give him some gravitas, we’re going to give him some 25 He spent many years in DC and we want to see Ethan and Kit Ritchie’s relationship. Would you do it? What do you think about it?” he recalled in his July speech 10 Premiere. “Anything other than a ‘yes’ with an exclamation point puts you in a madhouse.”

Working with McQuarrie, Czerny experienced the director’s somewhat off-the-cuff The approach to filmmaking, which he called “fantastic”, was “disturbing” at first.

“I’m used to, you know, you’ll do three takes. We’ll do a master, a medium, a close-up, or some kind of variation, and when they do that variation it’s very Great. The camera will do half or most of the work for you,” Czerny said. “With Chris, he allows, he encourages actors to bring whatever they want within the confines of the set, and he’ll handle it in the cutting room, and I mean respect for it, by the way. He wants it. He actually There are changes to character arcs based on what people might bring to the series, to the series.”

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7 is just the first part of a two-film story that will continue the franchise in the eighth film, Dead Reckoning Part Two , at Production started before the cast went on strike.

Teasing an eighth film, McQuarrie said, “I can confidently say, it’s even crazier,” while Czerny said he told the upcoming film ” It’s going to be better than the seventh.”



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