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'Mission: Impossible' star Hayley Atwell has been waiting 17+ years for her real moment

exist528 when Hayley Atwell took the stage for Pride produced by Trafalgar Studios , She Didn’t Know Future Co-Architects Mission: Impossible series Christopher “McQ” McQuarrie was in attendance. Atwell has read McQ and Tom Cruise ‘s movie, Jack Reacher , but on this particular occasion Mike Q was so surprised by her live performance that he took the actor out over dinner, and said he intends to write a character for her one day. Well, one day it became 667 because McQueen and Cruise needed a new heroine to play the thief master in Dead Reckoning Part 1 , Grace.

Atwell has been waiting 多年以来,才有机会在一部大片中获得这样的机会。 Yes, she’s played fan-favorite Peggy Carter at least six times in the MCU, but her big-screen opportunities almost always serve another character’s story, namely Steve Rogers/USA Captain’s story. In Dead Reckoning Part 1 , Atwell finally becomes the center of the protagonist, something Grace beats Cruise’s Ivan so many times in Part 1. It was obvious when San Hunter. half of the movie.

“I’m finally getting the trust and the platform… to show more range and show more emotional depth in a franchise or something of this size, it’s What I don’t have,” Atwell told The Hollywood Reporter in a conversation ahead of the SAG-AFTRA strike. “As such, I am forever grateful to Tom and McQ for providing the resources and support system on set every day to allow me to thrive. This has been a relief for a long time. After working in this industry After years, I was finally able to do something with this level, this quality of filmmaking that I had never experienced before.”

In a production filled with indelible moments, Atwell will never forget a rainy day in Rome when she drifts adrift in a car chase while Cruise is handcuffed to her.

“About we were [drifting] minutes of footage over and over,” Atwell said. “Tom then got a round of applause from the staff, with McQueen saying: ‘Tom put his life in your hands right then and if he didn’t believe you could take care of him too, he wouldn’t have allowed you to do that. .’ So when actors come in and play for them, they never hold back. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.”

Below, with THR In conversation, Atwell also discusses Grace’s real name and backstory before the preview Dead Reckoning Part 2 in the Arctic position of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

So, if I remember correctly, after you have participated in (After the remix of , McQ was impressed with your performance in the dramaJackLicky

, and he has kept you in his heart ever since. Is this the basic origin story?

Yes Yes. About ten years ago, McQ saw me in The Pride at Trafalgar Studios. He took me out to dinner afterward and said, “That thing you do on stage, I want it. I want to bottle it. I don’t know what the character or the story is going to be…” So he never Will forget that, he quoted a line from Pride to me the other day. Like, “Wow, it really stayed with him.” The character was overcome by this really difficult time in her life, and she just said, “All that time wasted.” And he just said that to me up. McQ is a very good actor. He is very charming. He delivered it in such a beautiful, emotional way, it brought me right back to that moment.

Hayley Atwell and Tom G. Ruth’s Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part 1 Presented by Paramount Pictures and Skydance

As a well-trained actor, how do you manage to make the story and characters are always in the process of changing ?

I think my classical training made me succumb to the process of it without sounding Too arty. When you’re on a three-year degree, you try a lot of different things and fail every day, or at least it feels like that. You take a lot of risks, but you don’t know what skills you have. You’re still honing that toolkit. So it takes away my work ethic, and if I trust the filmmakers I’m working with to only put in the film what serves the story, then there’s a kind of freedom in that, that I can try a lot of different things.

For Grace, I really hope she’s more than one thing, because we’re all more than one thing. In the face of these high stakes, she has moments of confidence, then moments of self-doubt, moments of courage, then moments of fear. So that feeling of not knowing, that hypervigilance, was with her all the time, and I just felt like I could ground her and give her more depth than just relying on the physical visual spectacle that we were creating.


On the first day, the cast watched Tom jump on his motorcycle and almost everyone started laughing when he went over the edge. Is the laughter in response to the sheer horror of what he did?

I think it’s just anger. We’ve heard about it and seen him prepare and train for it. We saw engineers design and build ramps at that location. We saw him jump off a cliff that morning from a helicopter to test the wind, so the laugh was just in awe. A man risks his life to go to the movies and please the audience. In fact, I laughed even harder when I heard that the canopy had successfully deployed and he was back on the ground. I laughed even harder when the first thing out of his mouth was “well, I guess I can stay away from the motorcycle”. He immediately made notes to himself about how he could do better next time. He said, “Okay, yeah. We got that. Let’s get on with it.” So you’ll be amazed by the sheer dedication to craft and entertainment.

Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One

Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 6 Dead Reckoning Part 1 Presented by Paramount Pictures and Skydance

Hailey, you are the only one in history who has ever experienced a car Man hunts down Tom Cruise in Rome in handcuffs.


So, what do you want the history books to know about this experience?

If you trust your scene partner and you have done the following, before you Being outside of your comfort zone can bring very unexpected and beautiful things. Be prepared to put yourself in such a situation, not only do it safely, but also be able to behave differently. Tom is known to be very hardworking in terms of preparation and discipline and that was very contagious to me and I wanted to see him in those tight spots as well. I also knew there was a huge safety net there, and he wasn’t reckless, so we were able to have fun with it.

Ethan pulls out her file and deduces what Grace’s possible backstory is, I love the way you have an almost proud look on your face at that moment. Do you think he’s right about money?

Yeah, that helped me a lot because I was before they wrote that scene Shooting has already started. So I’m not sure what backstory they’ll give her, I’m glad they did say she was an orphan. Her need to survive has turned her into an opportunist and someone who wants good things, “other people’s stuff” because she doesn’t have any privileges or luxuries. I thought, “Well, this makes sense with the choices she makes and the way she changes the plot and pulls the rug from under him.” She doesn’t do it because she enjoys watching other people suffer. She does this because she desperately needs to survive and be highly independent in the world.

I know it’s an action series, but I do try to develop a mental profile for the character I’m playing so I can ground her in some sort of way that usually comes from the core Wound. I thought, “Well, that’s great,” because at that moment it showed me that if humans are inherently connected, then that’s how we’re able to get out of our attachment to our primary caregiver or the world we’re born into. But if she can’t do that, then she’s very afraid of other people. She can’t trust them. Maybe she was betrayed by them, which is why she did such a thing. I thought, “They hit the nail on the head, so that the audience doesn’t despise her or dislike her for everything she does,” especially to Ethan at the beginning of the movie. You say, “Okay, so she’s coming from that angle. It makes more sense.” It’s a more human way of explaining why she does what she does.

When Ethan asked her name,” she said, “How is Grace? That means it’s not her real name. I think you can actually see a few letters of her real name on the passport at the back of the film. [Author’s note: “Fr Mar” can be seen on the third act passport. ] But do you know her real name?

Until after we finished filming, McQ inserted this close-up of the passport where you can Seeing those names led him to send me the name and some backstory about the name and where it came from. I thought, “Oh, that would be a nice Easter egg.” Does anyone know if that’s another alias? But I think it might be explored more in part second . For the actors, their attention to detail is really interesting for such little things. It’s also fun for fans to be able to go back and say, “Oh, that moment was buried very early on.” It’s a lovely callback to showing Mike Q’s focus as a filmmaker on what appears to be a total visual delight and spectacle on the surface. He puts a lot of thought into each character’s life, which I love.

In Venice, there was a moment when Ethan said, “To me, your Life will always be bigger than my life” “The line cuts to Grace, who has tears in her eyes and is about to fall. Do you think she was moved by Ethan’s words, or are the tears a hangover from a recent tragedy?

Back then, we did a lot of variants and she was still defiant and still unwilling to trust him “She came into this world and had to give up the independence she not only enjoyed but lived on. So I knew it was going to be a very emotional moment for her. In retrospect, we ended up coming to the conclusion that whether she Realized that, deep down, this was all she’d been wanting to hear from another person. It was someone else’s idea of ​​getting her back without an agenda. She said, “You don’t even know me” , so she is definitely not earning nothing from him. But deep down, she really wants someone to take care of her and make her feel at ease.

Also, The cost of caring for another person and being cared for is huge to her now because the cost of caring and trusting someone in the first place means the risk of losing that person or being betrayed by them. So, in that moment, she really Want to believe it’s true because it’s something she’s always wanted. So when she says, “Promise me you’ll take that train,” I think she’s gone afterward, “When you say your When life means nothing to me more than my own life, I need you to prove it now. ”

So don’t get me wrong, you’ve had some fantastic Moment Marvel movies, but honestly, I always felt like there was some untapped potential there, McQ Stuff is now complete mission . You are as active as ever and have shown your abilities in many ways. Then you feel that this is the blockbuster movie you have been waiting for Center stage moment?

Yes. ( laughing .) On this level, yes. I’ve done plays or productions in London, for a live audience of course, so there’s not much life beyond the performance that night. It wasn’t immortalized on camera. But yeah, I feel like I’m finally getting the trust and the platform to do a lot of different things and show more range and show more emotional depth in a franchise or something of this scale and that’s me Didn’t get the ex. So I have eternal gratitude to Tom and McQ for seeing this in me and providing the resources and support system on set every day so that I can thrive. They were gracious enough for me to try and find my own way to work through this instead of chalking her up to one thing, which felt like a relief for a long time. back17 Having been in the industry for years, I’m finally able to do something with this level, this quality of filmmaking that I’ve never had before.

Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One Hayley Atwell & Esai Morales in Mission: Impossible 4 Dead Reckoning Part 1 Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One Provided by Paramount Pictures and Skydance

As AI and continued attacks on truth become more relevant this year, both installments are real life character development for your big bad “entity”. So what’s your visceral reaction to how your villain develops in real time in real life?

This idea was brought into the production meeting very early on, and I was right from the start The story with understanding is that this unquantifiable force cannot be controlled. It knows our own next move better than we do, and it’s ultimately faceless. I thought [co-writers] Chris [McQuarrie] and Eric [Jenderson] were smart to go, “Well, this creates a perfect villain with high global stakes. It could affect every major country in the world. ’ So the question is, once you have this power, what do you do? And whoever has this key has a different kind of global power that has never been seen before, and thus changes the trajectory of mankind. And then they built it into the character, played brilliantly by Esai Morales as an emissary of the entity. His on-screen presence is so charismatic, enigmatic, and chilling. For me, it’s about the spread of fake news, unregulated social media, and global forces affecting the lives of individuals and communities, and the potential impact of all of these things. So I think it feels very apt.

Can you tell us about your filming experience in

? North Pole part two ?

A film of this magnitude has never been shot in the Arctic. People thought it was impossible, luckily TeamMission just came in and completely overturned that belief system. I can say that the main concern was the safety of the cast and crew, and respect for the scenery there. The land somehow feels like it doesn’t belong because it’s so majestic and untouched. Sometimes, negative numbers 07 In the wind chill, action conversations are a must, and require a lot of organization and focus. So I don’t know how they put it all together and weave it into the story, but it will still be the most extraordinary place I’ve ever been on this planet, and probably ever will be.

1237580 Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning - Part One Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 6 Dead Reckoning Part 1

Presented by Paramount Pictures and Skydance

Decades later, When you recall your flight in front of the crackling fireplace Bit speculation part one you might think of first? Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning - Part One

(laugh .) It will be drifting in Rome, with Tom in the passenger seat, handcuffed, and three cameras mounted on the windshield, impairing my vision. Then it started to rain and the ground got wet which obviously affected the rafting. There were stunt cars and we were right next to these very old important monuments. People were out to watch, and obviously, the staff were watching too. I also had to figure out if Tom was talking to Hayley or Ethan was talking to Grace when he said “slow down or turn left”. If it was Ethan talking to Grace, she would probably object to what he said and do the opposite. He would also make some suggestions, let me try to say it, and then we did it. So approximately A few minutes of footage where we do this over and over and then stop and go, “Well, I hope we get some good stuff.” Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning - Part One

Tom then received a round of applause from the crew, with McQueen saying: “Tom put his life in your hands right then, if he doesn’t believe you can watch If you don’t, he won’t allow you to do it.” Also after him. ’ I thought, ‘Wow, this is Tom’s generosity and trust, he saw how hard I worked to make sure I could do this for him and for this movie. ’ It was a beautiful surprise for me because I just thought, ‘Well, you’re telling me to train really hard to do this. So that’s what I did. ’ It’s a validation because they know what it takes technically, physically, mentally, emotionally to do it and execute it well. So when actors come in and play for them, they’re never stingy with compliments. Words. That was a moment I will never forget.

222857 “Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1” is now in theaters. For the sake of length and clarity, this time Interview edited .



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