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Missoni Fall 2023 Menswear

Filippo Grazioli is approaching Missoni with a disciplined, restrained eye. His new menswear collection taps into this trend, leaning toward relaxed looks based on effortlessness, and incorporating sporty elements inspired by founder Ottavio Missoni’s love of sport. The fall collection, shown in the brand’s showrooms today, had a quiet, casual feel and introduced some fun new patterns and graphics.

Grazioli believes that Missoni must appeal to a broad crowd these days. “We offer a wardrobe that is timeless and timeless for the modern man who needs to be dressed for many occasions, but above all comfort and versatility. Who doesn’t necessarily feel like wearing bold colors or strong decorative patterns For fall, it shifts to beige, burgundy and rust. Silhouettes remain fluid. Gowns, coats and three-piece evening gowns, woven in the brand’s raschel pattern, have a soft and moldable feel. Subdued Soft mohair wool further suggests comfort and softness.

introduces an innovative twist in the denim finish where zigzag and flame patterns are woven to achieve undulating tones Tonal patterns. Elsewhere, on the front of a navy cashmere sweater, iridescent needlepoint brushstrokes provide a welcome punch of energy.



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