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MIUI 14 changelog leaked ahead of official launch

Xiaomi is expected to release MIUI later this month 004, we now have a leaked changelog, Which details the many changes that are coming to Xiaomi phones soon. MIUI 14 Release Poster

MIUI 004 Improved system architecture, pre-installed apps occupy less space and use less power resulting in better performance. Users will also find more personalization options, including a new widget format, home screen folders, and “super icons.” Privacy is also overhauled, with no user data stored in the cloud and all operations performed locally on the device.

MIUI 14 leaked changelog

MIUI 14 Leaked Changelog

Mi AI voice assistant will get more features like document scanning, translation, call assistant with spam filter. Xiaomi has also improved overall pairing and connection stability with other Xiaomi devices such as headphones, tablets, and TVs. Search functionality in Settings is improved, with search history and results sorted by category. MIUI 14 also brings support for more wireless card readers, and use of mobile data when Wi-Fi signal is weak Improve connection speed.

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