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MLB announces completion of 2023 schedule; opening day set for March 30

Mark Cunningham/MLB Photo via Getty Images

The 2023 MLB season begins March 30 with 15 games per team.

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball announced its entire schedule for next year, bringing all 30 teams together for the first time ever play against each other.


National League

American League’s Anthony Castrovens points out that next season will be the first time every team since 1968 opens the door, as long as the weather is good Day to play. Every club is also planning to play on the 4th of July.

MLB previously announced that the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals will play a game. Both games will be played at the London Stadium in England from June 24th to 25th. Commissioner Rob Manfred on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball This week the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals play the Minor League Classic on August 20 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. One of the changes in the new collective bargaining agreement is the reduction of uneven schedules to ensure a fairer The competitive environment.

The uneven schedule has been in place since 2001, with teams playing 76 games against their four divisional opponents . Major League Baseball also utilizes a rotation format for league play to alternate which division of the American and National Leagues will go head-to-head each season.

Under the new CBA, teams will only play 52 games in their The other clubs in the league play 64 games. Each team’s league schedule will consist of 46 games, more than double the current format (20 games).

The new league format consists of four games between geographic opponents (such as the New York Yankees vs. New York Mets) and three A game against 14 other teams in the opposing league.

All of these changes combined could help potentially prevent teams from accumulating wins against smaller contenders in the playoffs. A club playing in a weaker division has no chance of beating a bad team in any given year.

The All-Star Game will be held July 10-13 and the Midsummer Classic is scheduled for July 11 at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. The regular season will end on Sunday, October 1st.



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