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MLB investigates swap between Marmol, ump

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      Buster Olney ESPN Senior Writer


        ESPN Magazine/ Senior Contributor
    • ESPN Television Analyst/Reporter Author of “The Last Night of the Yankees”
    • JUPITER, FL — Referee CB Bucknor refused to shake St. Louis Cardinals coach Oliver Marmore’s hand before an exhibition game here Saturday, according to Marmol , while Major League Baseball is studying this exchange.

      Marmol was disturbed by Bucknor’s response.

      “I don’t think he’s good at his job, it just shows a lack of taste as a man,” Marmol said after the game.

      According to an MLB spokesperson, “We are aware of Mr. Marmol’s comments and the matter is under review.”

      Bucknor and Marmol have a game in August 2022 after Cardinals third baseman Nolan Arenado made a controversial strikeout call confrontation. Bucknor ejected Marmol, who got into an altercation — as the two yelled at each other, Marmol appeared to tell Bucknor that his time in the sport was over, and Bucknor yelled that Marmol was his as St. Louis A new job for a manager, just entering the big leagues.

      On Saturday, Marmol went to home plate to trade lineup cards, and according to Marmol, Bucknor wouldn’t shake his hand. The other referees — Ron Kulpa, Angel Hernandez and Carlos Torres — did shake Bucknor’s hand. According to Marmore, others apologized for Bucknow’s refusal.

      Bucknow, 60, has been a major league referee since 1996. Marmore, 36, became the Cardinals’ first umpire — a base coach in 2017 who was hired as St. Louis head coach after the 2021 season.



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