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MLB legend's daughter arrested for hiding newborn in woods

The homeless daughter of Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Dennis Exley is facing felony charges for misleading authorities about the location of her abandoned newborn baby in the forests surrounding Manchester, New Hampshire.

Police say they received a call about 12.40am on Monday about a woman giving birth in the woods. The 26-year-old mother, Alexandra Eckersley, had told them to go to the specific spot where she gave birth in a tent, but emergency crews frantically searched the area for about an hour, they said. But to no avail.

“The search was difficult. It was dark and we had very low temperatures – about 18 degrees last night – and we didn’t have accurate information,” said Manchester Fire District Superintendent John Stahl. According to local news outlet WCVB.

Police say Eckersley eventually revealed the correct location, and officers found the baby boy alone in a tent, hypothermic.

The newborn is being treated at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital She was alive and is undergoing treatment at the medical center on Tuesday, according to Manchester Police Chief Alan Oldenburg. improve.

Once she is released from the hospital, Exley, who is reported to be mentally ill, is expected to charge him in court with felony reckless concealment of a baby.

“There is no excuse,” Oldenburg said, according to WCVB. “If you choose to live in the woods, choose to live your life in a particular way, and you Not wanting to accept the outreach we do in this city every day – you want to live out there and do it with your life – nice. But you can’t do that, that’s what we’re here to claim. You can’t do that to child.”



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