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MLB playoff pictures 2022: Breaking down the standings and current playoff brackets

Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With just over a month left until the 2022 MLB season, the playoffs are starting to become clear.

    Four of the six games passed Sunday’s game, with the division leaders leading by at least five. Even with an extra wild card in each league, only one team in the National League that isn’t in the current playoff stage is less than five games away from a wild card spot. In the American League, only two teams chasing a wild-card spot are within five games.

      Those teams that lag behind still have a chance in the standings to catch up to a strong September, but not much time .

        Here are the playoff groupings as of August 28, along with the latest standings.

          Current postseason Game pictures

            American League

            Do not. No. 1 seed: Houston Astros (82-47), first-round bye

            . No. 2 seed: New York Yankees (78-50), first-round bye none. No. 3 seed: Cleveland Guardians (67-59) and No. 6 seed: Toronto Blue Jays (68-58)

            No. 4 seed: Tampa Bay Rays (70-57) vs. 5 seed: Seattle Mariners (70-58)

            League of Nations

              No. 1 seed: Los Angeles Dodgers (88-38), first-round bye . No. 2 seed: New York Mets (82-47), first-round bye none. No. 3 seed: St. Louis Cardinals (73-54) vs No. 6 seed: San Diego Padres (70-59)

              No . No. 4 seed: Atlanta Braves (79-49) and No. 5 seed: Philadelphia Phillies (72-56)

                FULL RANK

              1. )Minimum
                    New York Yankees: 78-50

                1. Tampa Bay Rays: 70-57, 7.5 GB
                  Toronto Blue Jays: 68 -58, 9.0 GB

                    Baltimore Orioles: 67-60, 10.5 GB

                  1. Boston Red Sox: 62-66, 16.0 GB
                  2. AL Central

                    1. Cleveland Guardians: 67-59

                      Minnesota Twins: 65 -61, 2.0 GB

                      Chi cago White Sox: 63-65, 5.0 GB

                    2. Kansas City Royals: 52-77, 16.5 GB
                    3. Detroit Tigers: 50-78, 18.0 GB
                    4. AL West

                            Houston Astros Team: 82-47

                          1. Seattle Mariners: 70-58, 11.5 GB

                            Texas Rangers: 58-69, 23.0 GB

                            Los Angeles Angels: 55-73, 26.5 GB

                          2. Oakland Athletics: 48-81, 34.0 GB

                            East Netherlands

                            1. New York Mets: 82-47

                            2. Atlanta Braves: 79-49, 2.5 GB
                            3. Philadelphia Phillies: 72-56, 9.5 GB
                              Miami Marlins: 55-72, 26.0 GB

                                Washington Nationals: 43-85 years old, 38.5 GB

                                1. NL Central

                                2. Stone. St. Louis Cardinals: 73-54
                                  Milwaukee Brewers: 67-59, 5.5 GB

                                3. Chicago Cubs: 55-73, 18.5 GB
                                4. Cincinnati Reds: 50-76, 22.5 GB

                                Pittsburgh Pirates: 48-79, 25.0 GB

                                West Holland

                                  Los Angeles Dodgers: 88-38 San Diego Padres: 70-59, 19.5 GB
                                  San Francisco Giants: 61-65, 27 GB

                                  Arizona Diamondbacks: 59-67, 29 GB

                                      Colorado Rockies: 55- 74, 34.5 GB

                                      Baseball And the perception change in New York has been quick over the past week, and the Yankees have shown quite a turnaround.

                                        Bronx Bombers sky fall for most of second half, after All-Star break Lost 20 of their first 29 games. The team then turned around with a six-game winning streak last week, including two victories over crosstown rivals the New York Mets, and still have a 7.5-game lead in the AL East.

                                        Back-to-back losses to the Oakland Athletics won’t be a great fan base, but the team is still ready to win the division and get a first-round bye playoffs. It’s still a clear title contender if a talented lineup can go from there.

                                          The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros are also well into their first-round byes in their divisions built a double-digit lead. Both teams have extensive playoff experience — each with three league titles and a World Series title since 2017 — and even with the new playoff format, they shouldn’t Slow down. Byes should only give elite teams an extra edge.

                                          The fourth-round bye may be the most watchable game for most of the season.

                                            The Mets haven’t beaten the Atlanta Braves for most of the season, but the defending champs clearly Not that it had a strong second half.

                                              Both teams are expected to make the playoffs, and FanGraphs are 100% postseason race seat. As the difference between the No. 2 and No. 4 seeds, the division title still matters. The No. 2 seed gets a bye, while the No. 4 seed must play an extra three-inning wild-card series against the Dodgers in the division series.

                                              This fight could be down to the penultimate series of the season, Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at Warriors’ Mets.

                                              Milwaukee Brewers chase San Diego Padres in NL while Baltimore Orioles trail only Toronto Blue Jays in wild card game Team 1.5 points to get the final AL seat.



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