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MLB The Show 23 Running Switch Tech Test Later This Month (North America)

Try it for free before launch

  • by Liam Duran
  • MLB The Show 23
    Picture: Sony Interactive Entertainment

    If you are excited about the release of MLB The Show 23 and happen to be located in the US or Canada, then It looks like you won’t have to wait long to try out this latest release.

    As in previous years, there will be technical testing prior to the game’s release. Players of all platforms (including Nintendo Switch) can participate as long as they have an internet-connected console. It will be held on February 15th Start Run at 10AM PST

    until February 21st .

    You can download this test from the Switch eShop without registration. This is essentially a big stress test for servers, online matchmaking, cross-play, and online co-op.

    MLB The Show 23 is coming March 28, 2023. If you choose the physical version, an additional download is required. One thing the Switch version is also missing is the Stadium Creator (exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S).



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