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MLB thinks Angel Hernandez's 3-hit ALDS cost him 2018 World Series spot

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Angels Hernandez will be selected to referee the 2018 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers if they don’t miss a few calls during the American League Division Series.

MLB writes in response to Hernandez’s latest legal filing that he has been on track to serve as the 2018 World’s No. The umpire of the big game, but he wasn’t picked in the 2018 ALDS between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees after being overturned three times at first base in video commentary for Game 3, according to The Associated Press (h/ t ESPN).

MLB filing on Wednesday: “Hernandez didn’t take advantage of this being the first time a referee ee call has been made since the extended instant replay came out in 2014. Overturned in the playoffs. Based on his performance in that division series postseason, [Chief Baseball Officer Joe] Torre had no confidence in Hernandez’s effective performance on a more intense arena, so no Select him for the World Series that season.” Hernandez, from Cuba, was hired to referee MLB in 1993 and sued the league in 2017, alleging racial discrimination because he had not been selected to referee the World Series since 2005, but instead Elected as captain.

“Hernandez did not propose, and the records do not contain, evidence that MLB’s actions were based on him Evidence of racial or ethnic origin,” Major League Baseball wrote in the filing.

MLB also wrote in its response that Hernandez “refused to admit that his call was incorrect” and that all The blame lies with the quality of the league playback equipment.

In addition to MLB’s three overturned calls in the 2018 ALDS, numerous other incidents were cited, including:

    Cincinnati Reds’ Homer Bailey 2012 no-hitter: Hernandez asked Bailey to sign 11 baseballs after throwing a no-hitter.

      May 8, 2013 Oakland A’s vs. Cleveland: Hernandez failed to reverse A’s infielder Adam Rosales’s double-but-unreversed penalty to clear a home run that would have tied the game in the bottom half of the ninth. July 24, 2014 Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays: Hernandez threw his headset after the video review overturned his call and misapplied substitution rules, resulting in a 14-minute delay. Citing the 2011-16 season, Hernandez’s attorney told the court in a June filing that the league “manipulated” his client’s End-of-season assessment “to make his job performance look worse than it really is.” Known for being one of the poorest referees, he has made many questionable calls throughout his career that continue into the 2022 season.

      In March 2021, Hernandez lost lawsuit against MLB, court ruled that “no reasonable juror could MLB’s statement was found to be an excuse for discriminatory motives”. His lawsuit was dismissed for a second time in January, after which he asked the appeals court to resume his case in June.



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