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Mob Psycho 100 III ‒ Episode 7

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Mob Psycho three?

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The fleetingness of youth hits us at different times everyone. For Mob, it manifests as the anxiety of having to choose a career that one desires. For Tome, it’s quick to realize that she hasn’t communicated with aliens yet. Aliens and occupations are, I hope, functionally the same distance as the average middle schooler, so worrying about them is equally unreasonable. However, because aliens are cooler than jobs, I find my heart sympathizes with Thom, and by extension, with the sympathy club members determined to call a gray man as their chairman. In terms of pace, this episode follows last week’s Necessary cooldown after the outbreak and the painful mid-season climax. clever use of this opportunity to take focus away from Mob Step back a little and focus on the people in the Telepathy Club, as they’re thinking about Tome’s upcoming graduation. The mysterious attire aside, it’s a thematically all too familiar storyline for any anime that has ever featured high schools and clubs. This is what resonates with all of us. We all have at least some regrets about a youth that was squandered with nothing to do. Don’t get me wrong – youth is an ideal time to squander, but once we start feeling it slipping from us, we start acting like Tomei. We all want to make some lasting memories as adults. Some of us wish these memories featured Flatwoods Monster. This works.

The good-natured humor of the series dominated this week, as in addition to Outside of a bunch of nice boys trying to do practical things for their friends, there really isn’t much going on. If it weren’t for that charm and how well honed it is by the anime, it would really be boring. It’s one thing for Tome to talk about her frustrations. Tome spews out so much frustration that she envelops the entire table in a cloud of vape-filled boredom — which speaks louder than words. The rest of the club don’t know much about them, but overall they make for a lovely bunch here (and, I might add, have great taste in winter coats). Reigen also gets some select material and facial expressions this week, and it’s nice to be able to point and laugh at him again after the necessarily heavier, more isolating Dimple arc.

Takenaka is our main source of (remote) grief this week, Having a backstory is notable for how it echoes and doesn’t echo the life of the mob. Honestly, though, the similarities are the most important: two sensitive kids trapped by an involuntary psychic force, both turning inward to protect themselves, and lashing out when their coping mechanisms fail. Even Takenaka’s broad strokes are sad, and the adaptation aptly covers them with blues of melancholy. The main difference is how Mob has assembled a support network of friends for himself, while Takenaka, while not a loner, has taken on his problems on his own, literally stuffing them into his head. So it makes sense for Mob to approach Takenaka with compassion, understanding, and an invitation to use his powers for others.

When we didn’t meet each other, Takenaka left the induction club. Not surprising his expectations. He wanted a psychic comrade, and all he got was a bunch of laid-back nerds. But this episode proves that the Telepathy Club has an advantage in that its members are laid-back nerds, because ultimately they’re laid-back nerds who care about each other. They care so much about their family that they trek across the city looking for someone who can help them realize Tome’s dream. This is the true measure of their worth. Likewise, Takenaka’s value does not come from his telepathy. This is because he agrees to help them because he can.

Just like Lingyuan’s worth comes from his ability to rent a car Same as driving. Absolutely nothing else. All in all, this is a

little Interlude , which means it’s a well-composed animation with a lot of personality A piece of entertainment — just not mind-bending or heartbreaking entertainment. That’s fine! Mob Never coasted before and doesn’t now It looks like it does this on purpose as it approaches the finish line. By all accounts, we have a fun mountain camping trip ahead, if taught me anything, it’s that kids and audiences alike are in for a comforting treat. Or they’ll summon an alien and upend our relationship with the entire universe forever. Either way, I can see it.

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