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Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway's Flash Manga Episode 1 Ends

gundam© Uroaki Sabishi, Yoshiyuki Tomino, KadokawaJuly issue Kadokawa ‘s magazine revealed on Thursday, the first part of Uroaki Sabishi of () manga, adapted from Yoshiyuki Tomino’s novel of the same name , which will end in June in the August issue of the magazine .

Sabishi launched the manga in magazine in March 1988. Kadokawa published the first volume of the manga compilation in May 2018, and the third volume in November 2020 .

Sabishi also drew Manga, adapted from Tomino’s novel of the same name. Manga in in June launched and ended in March 2014.

Tomino went from writing the three-volume novel series to 2018. This novel series is set in UC26 years , centered on Hathaway Noah, who plays the influential Son of Federation Captain Brett Noah. (Set in UC 26 year.) Novel The series deals with the consequences of the climatic ending.

These novels also inspired a book called gundam of the trilogy animated film project . The first film was released in Japan in June 2020, and had been postponed three times before.

Netflix USA starts exclusive streaming July movie of2020.

This movie is from 1989 broke the 1 billion yen mark. The film received a total of 2, 281, 281,200 yen (approx. US dollars .19 Ten thousand ) Japanese box office as of October 2014.

Director of the planned film Shukou Murase disclosed in 2020 that the Two movies may not have been opened before 198541. The working title of the second film is : Hathaway: God of Light . The film’s producer Ogata Naohiro said that the second part will have some similarities with Tomino’s original work. Some different series.

Source: July Issue

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