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Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury's Witch ‒ Episode 4

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Mobile Suit Gundam Episode 4 Episode : From The witch of Mercury?

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Well, how on earth did Chu Chu’s hair get tucked into her helmet and at the same time Keep the fluff? The techniques in this setup are endless!

Just kidding, this is an enjoyable episode G-Witch , it slows down the plot and The conspiracy finally begins to flesh out the side cast. The first major faction to gain attention was the Earthling House, and Suleita quickly became friends in her bumbling ways. What’s interesting about the school environment here is that, while it epitomizes the political conflict in this world, the children are not so committed to their allegiance that they will refuse to form friendships with people in their outgroup. At this point, no one sees Suleita’s growing connection to Earthlings as a broader alliance between Earth and Mercury, although Prospera’s ambitions in the first few episodes undoubtedly foreshadow an eventual shift in that direction.

The ridiculous hair and arrogant attitude are definitely Star episode here. She’s the slowest to warm up to Suleita among Earthlings, but she may prove to be one of her staunchest allies as she punches Suleita hard during her orgasm. What strikes me is the reason behind her changing perspective on new people. This is not because of her strength, but because of her weakness. When Suleita started yelling that she wanted to give up, she inadvertently revealed that she wasn’t the kind of person who wanted to rule the school. Ichinose Kana Dubbed the brilliant moment, he portrays Suleita’s tears in a totally defenseless way.

This episode doesn’t have much action; most of the time , we just saw mobile suits walking and tripping over mines as part of regular school exams. I’m not too bothered by it, though. It’s actually interesting to watch mobile suits applied to different missions outside of traditional combat. Honestly, probably the biggest disappointment of this episode is that it ignores Jeturk’s offer in the first place. Not only does he withdraw immediately, but he continues to be stubborn and proud in the following scenes, only toned down slightly. While I don’t necessarily expect him to be an eighty in terms of personality, in retrospect it makes his offer seem weightless.

Overall, though, I have nothing to complain about this show. The breeze is generally in its favor. Good at making you care about both school life and politics. If I already care so much about the quirky stuff, this show absolutely blows my mind. Please don’t make these children suffer too much.


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