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Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury's Witch ‒ Episode 5

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Mobile Suit Gundam’s Episode 5: The witch from Mercury?

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Oh my God, Guel Jeturk can’t rest. This episode marked his third straight loss; the guy hasn’t won a duel since the show started. It’s lovely to see him take a good view of Suleita, but the most interesting thing is that his character has been reduced to a jerk who exists to prove how strong the opponent is.

The series is still in character building, but the core duel is This episode ignited a conspiracy around Aerial and Gundam. Elan, Cool Boy and Natsuki Hanae type, who initially introduced himself in episode 2 when he moodily declared, “Falling in love is something I’d never do” before hanging out with Suleita and immediately showing interest in her. That’s dramatic irony for a romantic comedy, but this episode makes it clear that his real focus is on her robot. As a genetically enhanced person, shaped for the specific purpose of flying a Gundam, he understands something in the air that others can’t perceive – it may look and feel like a Gundam, but it has something fundamentally different about its relationship to the pilot.

Even if this episode asked more questions than answered , it also goes a long way to clarify various aspects of the setup. One of the things that makes the plot initially seem ridiculous is that just ten years after Gundam was outlawed, Prospera sends her daughter to school with a mobile suit that apparently operates like Gundam. When pressed, she only said, “Trust me, it’s not Gundam” – not a satisfactory answer. However, her informed reaction to Peil Technologies developers in the episode indicates that she expects the companies to investigate the GUND format on the air. Whatever she wanted to achieve, it wasn’t by hiding or diminishing Aerial’s abilities. She might even be telling the truth, Aerial isn’t strictly a Gundam.

Funny rom-com elements and Elan driving in this episode Between the gorgeous presentations of , there are other notable things about this episode. When an Earth Palace girl tells Suleita’s fate, she points out the existence of siblings that Suleita doesn’t seem to know about. Is that referring to Aerial who showed sentience in the short story between the prologue and episode 1? There was one line in that story that struck me in particular: “I want to tell you that Mom is using you as a tool for revenge. But I can’t stand against Mom because She was the parents who gave birth to me .” (emphasis mine) This sentence is naturally interpreted as Mother developed aerial robots as robots, but could it refer to something more literal? Will Aerial really be a human with a fully fused consciousness and a robot?

I may have read too much, but anyway, There must be something deeper going on with Aerial. Finding out is probably the biggest reason to anticipate the inevitable duel between Elan and Suletta in the next episode.


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