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Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury ‒ Episode 17

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This is always a frustrating episode Witch from Mercury , whatever how. Positioning for recap episodes before the show goes on holiday next week has us thinking again about the state of animation, not to mention the missed opportunity of not delivering any new Prospera content on Mother’s Day. So hey, Ichiro Okouchi and the people behind the series Others seem to be saying, why not adapt to the situation and give the audience a malevolent gut feeling that they’re going to have to wait a full two weeks to see the follow up? Isn’t that “fun”? This is depressing on purpose: the kind of structured story that many viewers (including myself) are happy to tune in to. We can break this all down in a minute, but first, I can see how getting there can lead to less-than-ideal frustration G-Witch This week’s setup. Specifically, after spending so many previous episodes in a row purposefully running its status quo through the slasher, it’s just a little jarring to have the latest episode disrupted by another standard, sanctioned school duel. Even Guel is back, in his season one shorts, discussing ostensibly working within the system to advance his business venture. Of course, it’s all purposeful repetition (although some reuse animations like Secelia), but I can see how it might draw attention after the show seemed to take such a significant step forward from its previous structure some viewers. Completely figured out, this seventeenth episode G-Witch needs to mirror the beginning of the series, most specifically It’s episode 3 (hey, that reflection theme again). Understandably, recreating all of these situations is meant to show how far the characters involved have come since that battle that laid the foundation for everything. Guel’s glow is most noticeable. We see him rework his hothouse break-in adversity from long ago, this time helping Suletta out of harassment and being able to openly and honestly thank her for the impact she had on his life. Even before he gave himself the anime staple Important Haircut™, we knew this was the variation of Guel we’d seen in the last few episodes, in some clips like how Secelia tried to stab him with needles as usual, only Was taken by surprise at his spoiled pride, replaced by confident determination. gw171 gw171 The growth and roles of the other players playing Encore are more ambiguous. Miorine is obviously the one to watch, as the plot of this episode follows directly from her confrontation with Prospera at the end of the previous episode. I know there exists between G-Witch Controversy Viewers’ attitudes toward Miorine’s character and her partnership with Suletta, whether she uses the groom as a tool, and how sincerely she sees their relationship. As far as I’m concerned, it seems like Miorine’s arc is actually confusing when she understands her feelings at the same speed as the audience. Gap between first and second courses is the most telling. We see Miorine react with extreme horror to Suletta’s jump to violence, only to turn around in her mind and realize that she fears Suletta is someone being manipulated by Prospera. gw171 gw171 I would say that in this case, Miorine’s concern for Suletta can Get confirmed. This is evidenced in the fact that she brings Guel into her scheme, and he’s now fully open about his love and appreciation for our favorite demented tanuki. The thing is, regardless of Mioline’s feelings, she is in series. That means she has an obligation to deal with the situation in the least thoughtful, unhealthy way possible. You can tell by the tremor of her hand when she destroys the antenna, the tremor of her voice when she throws Suletta out, and the way she thinks she’s doing it for the benefit of her former groom. In the long run, this might help Suletta get there, but it will be a tough road for her and us to see how she gets there. And that’s before taking into account that despite Miorine’s good intentions, she’s still forced to walk the hell out of Prospera. The main takeaway from this frustrating disquiet may be seeing how Suletta ends up taking charge of her own story. It seems odd that I’ve described almost every episode of this seasonG-Witch as that” Nothing will be the same.” But that just underscores the momentum the series has at this stage, even with targeted repetition like this one. This episode is about directly revisiting previous episodes for the kind of twist we’re almost guaranteed to get at some point based on standard storytelling structures, and it still lands with the expected emotional devastation. Props to Kana Ichinose plays Suletta’s voice, showing off her hopeful “wow” moment of being mesmerized by Miorine so much that it hits harder when she’s crushed at the end. But the presentation has also been helpful, the acting of the characters continues to be as accurate as ever cour, Guel’s body language clearly shows how much our children have grown. There are also some looser issues, like the character’s head shape being played a bit fast and loose, or Noria’s hand looking a bit goofy after trying to stab Elan with a pencil. So maybe an extra week of animators catching up is fair before things get too off track. gw171 gw171 In addition, they have given us the glory of another battle, so that Su Leta on this one. I love the techniques that evoke the characters’ personalities, such as Guel’s Darilbalde being able to detach and transform his limbs in different weaponized combinations, mirroring his self-actualization transformation. Of course, I’m sure we’re all very grateful to G-Witch Keep trying to hurt a whole generation of anime fans by using a happy birthday song. It is the best element of and yuri animation, we witness this resonant, relatable battle as the final duel established in the animation’s old structure, and Suletta’s poignant statement of how much she truly loves Miorine before her heartbreaking betrayal. See you in two weeks. Rating: is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. gw171 Chris has been busy keeping up with the new anime season and it was great to be with you. You can also find him writing other stuff on his blog, as well as spamming fanart retweets on his Twitter, no matter how long it lasts.

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