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Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury ‒ Episode 20

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“The End of Hope” is definitely an ominous title for a show that has escalated to emotional terrorism (and I mean that as a compliment) viewing . we are17 episodes into this new Anime, bodies have started hitting the floor, and they probably won’t Stop soon before the season ends. This episode features an upgrade to th – remember all What happened in that one? Unlike that episode’s time-delayed turning point, however, it seems like we’ve become completely incapable of pretending to go back in time. Shaddiq finally made his move this week, and a key part of his plan seems to be just to keep Norea in that psychological pressure cooker in the room with Nika and Elan No. 5, No matter how long it was before she let her go she could… exactly what she did Sophie seven weeks ago. It turns out to be as good for everyone as you’d expect. The original question was to what extent Sodick predicted what would happen when he finally let go of the trio (especially when other characters commented that they were still somehow blissfully unaware that the whole of Noria was an Earthling horror molecules), but the prince’s remarks at the end of the space battle with Guel make it clear that this is all the setup: to force the hand of the Benerit group by inflicting violence on its precious Spacian pupils. Calculated according to the number of layers of this scheme, we can read that some schemes are different from other schemes being implemented Interesting parallels. Most notably Shaddiq’s remarks reaffirmed that much of his motivation for doing so was to protect Miorine from being involved and corrupt for participating in all this capitalism-based violence. It’s this misguided mindset that leads Miorine to manipulatively evict Suletta for what she believes is in her favor. This is one of the drive themes for The Witch from Mercurygw201 One: Children struggle to control their own destiny as others act for them without asking what they want. It’s not just the adults who use these young people as pawns, the kids end up feeling the need to manipulate each other in the same way that the upper classes in the economic system are happy to pit the poor against each other for their own gain. gw201gw201 Fighting for life and doing the things we personally want to fight against are stronger The wave of manipulators, manifested in the highly entertaining, explosive violence on display in this week’s episodes. Nooria comes with her fight and ends up on the same tragically familiar path as her late comrade-in-arms Sophie. The dramatic irony that she could have been saved couldn’t be more clear; there’s even a point of view character who directly supports it. El5n of all ends up being a vehicle for empathy and understanding for people like Norea. When a schemer like Sodick counts on your vengeful rampage as part of his manipulation, isn’t the most powerful act of resistance against freedom to run away and live for yourself? What’s even more poignant is that, unlike the way Sophie was eventually exhausted, Norea actually relented at El5n’s words and stood up at the end, only to be coldly put down again moments later. This in turn inclines El5n to his own vengeful violence, and the inevitable cycle continues. gw201 The witch from Mercury is also insightful showing that it is possible for people caught up in these struggles to find another way out. Guel’s fight with Shaddiq is a visceral testament to this. This is true open combat, with no dueling or statutes limiting things, and in this case, you might consider this another example of Shaddiq manipulating Guel into provocation. But by the end we see that Shaddiq is flawed in not realizing how much Guel has changed due to his grief leave. By the end of the fight, Shaddiq fell into an emotional lapse while Guel systematically sent him to a non-fatal defeat. This is poetic, as Duel Jerk’s previous duels were often determined by these types of component cuts. It specifically reflects Guel’s defeat by Suletta in episode 1. She did end up teaching him a lot in life. gw201 Thus, “The End of Hope” almost became the ironic title of an episode in which Centralized, through so many endings of death and destruction, our characters are still finding hopeful, better ways. Despite experiencing a bit of a turnaround last week, Suletta is still shuffling around the school, doing what she can to keep busy, before the events of this episode knock down a building on Petra (she really decides to go all out for Death Flag from this episode). Now that the school, the greenhouse, and whoever she can still follow have been taken from Suletta, she can no longer be distracted. What It is precisely what she can do here that is uncertain, and a dreadful uncertainty that all trainees now face. gw201 gw201 Any kid living in a fun time has to deal with this kind of real world worry , trying to carry on with their normal lives despite being aware of the horrors happening outside, only for the terror to strike and smash down their front door. However, although for The Witch from Mercury Might be easier, and more to look forward to quickly start preparing the kids for battle, writing instead sticks to a firm caring approach. Suletta and others defiantly excavate the ruins of the school they attended, not for those who died to bask in their pain, but to try to reach out and help those who might still be alive. Rating: gw201

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