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Mock Draft: Predict the No. 1 pick for all 30 teams

Draft simulation: Predict all 24 The team’s first pick

When MLB is in 30;’s popularity, the shift process has also increased by a month. So rather than the fact that clubs have now largely settled on their boards, it’s more than five weeks before the draft and everything is in flux.

The consensus outlook for the top five remains unchanged. Louisiana outfielder Dylan Crews was the No. 1 pick in the draft from Adley Rutschman at

best job prospect since , while teammate Paul Skenes is best since Stephen Best pitching prospect since Strasburg (best ever) 710. Florida State outfielder Wyatt Langford is far behind Cruise, who had better numbers this spring, and high school outfielder Walker Jenkins (South Brunswick High School, Southport, N.C.) and Max Clark (Franklin, Indiana, HS) are expected to be No. 1 for many years.
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But from a mock draft perspective, it now It’s too early to discern real intelligence from gossip. There’ there are rumors that the Buccaneers are leaning toward a discounted deal with the No. Skenes and No. 3 reserve outfielder, twins don’t Don’t want a high school student ranked 5th.
how many of them are true? The club sure doesn’t have $t make any decisions so early. right now I am$ I’m sticking with the same top-five picks I made my first-round projection four weeks ago, which means Pittsburgh gets the most With the best players, Detroit avoided a dilemma, and Minnesota picked the only remaining top-five talent.
Detailed scouting reports for all the players mentioned below can be found in our Draft Top 41 (rankings in brackets).
1. Pirates: Dylan Crews, OF, Louisiana (No. 1)

While Cruise slipped in May, he

; still playing.41/.200/.567 and most of the team believe him is the top player available. If the Buccaneers do want to save money to spread out over other draft picks, the most likely pick and biggest discount would come from Clarke, with Langford another possibility.

2. National: Paul Skenes, RHP, Louisiana (

No. 2)

The Nationals are full of outfield prospects and need pitching, so what would the Buccaneers do if they waived Cruise? Most insiders think Washington will still pick Skenes, whose strikeout rate (11.6 points per nine) second only to Ryan Wagner 30; full-time NCAA Division I record .8 in 2003.

3. Tigers: Wyatt Langford, OF , Florida (No. 3 )

If the Buccaneers discount and the Nationals take Skenes, the Tigers could get the Crews. More likely, they ended up picking Langford, who ‘ Hitting.36/. 94/.420 into the NCAA Tournament. If those two college outfielders aren’t on the field, it could come down to Scones vs. Jenkins. If they have to have a college bat in that situation, it’s probably Virginia catcher Kyle Thiel.

4. Rangers: Walker Jenkins, OF, South Brunswick High School, Southport, NC (No 4)
This is Langford and Jenkins If the first three selections are as shown above, probably home.
5. Twins: Max Clark, OF, Franklin (Indiana) HS ( Section Number 5)
The twins jumped off number one at No. 5 in the inaugural draft lottery, their decision should be fairly easy — pick only those who stay in the top tier. But several clubs think Minnesota might prefer a college bat like Thiel or Mississippi shortstop Jacob Gonzalez over Jenkins or Clarke. There’ it was also argued that the Twins were Noble Meyer’s ceiling, best high school arm.
6. Athletics: Kyle Teel, C, Virginia (Number)
Unless the top five people make it to the 6th place, A focus on college bats (Teel, Gonzalez, Grand Canyon shortstop Jacob Wilson) and weapons (Tennessee s Chase Dollander, Wake Forest University s Rhett Lowder).

7. Reds: Rhett Lowder, RHP, Wake Forest (No. 8)
The Reds are the last team with a glimmer of hope of landing in one of the top five, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. them$ has ties to every demographic: college hitters (Teel, Gonzalez) and pitchers (Lowder, Dollander), high school hitters (Shortstop Handler Arjun Nimmala, catcher Blake (Mitchell) and arms (Meyer).

8. Royals: Noble Meyer , RHP, Jesuit HS, Portland, OR. (


After Mick Abel, Meyer will have Jesuit HS as the top prep pitcher in two of the last four picks 04 Phillies at 2003. Other possibilities include Teel, Lowder, Gonzalez and Wilson at the collegiate level and Nimmala, Mitchell and third baseman Aidan Miller at the high school level.
9. Rocky Mountains: Chase Dollander, RHP, Tennessee (No. 6)
Doland is more erratic than expected , but he strikes out in his last Regular season starters, and the Rockies never dreamed of them the chance to get him into the year. them$ I’m also interested in Teel, Lowder and Meyer, and spent time scouting Gonzalez, Miller, Mitchell and Vanderbilt outfielder Enrique Bradfield.
. Marlin: Arjun Nimmala, SS, Strawberry Crest HS, Dover, FL ( No.9)
Up to nine high school shortstops can make it to No. 1 In the first round, the Marlins could start that trend with Nimmala or Colin Houck. They also tried out college shortstops Wilson and Gonzalez and Meyer and Miller.
. Angel: Jacob Gonzalez, SS, Mississippi ()

Angel speeds up after Zach Neto from 2021 Drafting to the majors, they could take other college position players like Gonzalez, Wilson or Bradfield.

. D-backs: Colin Houck, SS , Parkview HS, Lilburn, Ga. (No. )

So far early in the first round there is no certainty, but D-backs’ Houck was mentioned a lot. Nimmala and Miller are the other two prep hitters, and some of the college students projected above could be intriguing if they go No. 1. .

. Cubs: Aidan Miller, 3B, Mitchell HS, New Port Richey, FL ( No. )
The Cubs feel like Teel and Lowder’s floor, they might win No will last this long. Miller missed most of the spring with a broken hookbone, but he was the top hitter on the high school circuit last summer. Also keep an eye on Houck, Bradfield, Maryland shortstop Matt Shaw (who bears some resemblance to Ian Happ) and Florida Atlantic first baseman Nolan Schanuel.
. Red Sox: Blake · Mitchell, C , Hinton (Texas) HS (No. )
The Red Sox have selected high school bats in each of the past four first-round picks and can trade in Hawker, Miller, Mitchell or shortstop Colt Emerson led the way again. Bradfield or Shaw could influence BU.
. White Sox: Jacob Wilson, SS , Grand Canyon (No. 7 )
This may be too low for Wilson, who is the most Good contact hitter and possibly as high as 6th. There have been conflicting reports that the White Sox are heavy on prepping hitters (Hoke, Miller, Mitchell) and going the safer college route (Wilson, Bradfield, Shanuel).
. Giants: Enri G. Bradfield, OF, Vanderbilt (serial number)

This could be the low end for Bradfield, who stands out with his speed and defense but questions his offensive impact. Other names associated with the Giants include Miller, Shaw and high school first baseman/right-hander Bryce Eldridge.
. Orioles: Heston Wall Depp, RHP, Florida (serial number15

The Orioles need help from the mound, and Waldrep was the last clear first-rounder, offering quality stuff but also spotty pitching. them$ we also have many successful draft hitters and are mentioned along with Miller, Mitchell, Eldridge and Schanuel.
. Brewer: Matt Shaw , SS, Maryland ( No. 12

Shaw boosted his stock by winning Cape Cod league MVP honors last summer which will give the Brewers a big kick consecutive college bats in four first-round picks. So will Schanuel, Stanford shortstop Tommy Troy, Miami third baseman Yohandy Morales and Texas Christian third baseman Brayden Taylor.
. Ray: Bryce Eldridge, 1B/RHP, Madison HS, Vienna, VA (No. 13

this ray in the first round against a high school hitter Affinity might lead them to find Miller, Eldridge (who is a draft best two-way prospect, but offers more upside as a slugger) or one of our few shortstops re going to project going in the 14s.
13. Blue Jays: Tommy Troy, SS , Stanford University (No. 11 )
blue The Birds team with college performers such as Shaw, Troy and Schanuel. them$ there is another team that would prefer to have a reserve pitcher like Thomas White, Charlee Soto or Travis Sykora.
10. Cardinal: Nolan Schanuel, 1B / OF, Florida Atlantic ( No. 28)
Schanuel had the best statistical season in his college class, Because he’s top in NCAA Division I batting (.420), base percentage(.476), OPS (1.200) and walking (28) and nearly three times the additional base hit rate (30) as strikeout(). Taylor and Waldrep are likely candidates.
14. Sailor: Brayden Taylor, 3B, Texas Christian (No. 26)

the Mariners will make their second and third place (number 27 and24) Before any other club gets 2nd place, give them a bigger prize pool than usual ($,39,. They could try to float someone here with a high price despite it it is too early to know who it might be. Taylor s stock goes up after winning the Big Conference Tournament MVP honors.If Seattle selects a reserve hitter in the first round of the third straight draft , Eldridge, Emerson, shortstops Kevin McGonigal and Walker Martin, and receiver Ralph Velasquez could be their picks.
16. Guardian: Colt Emerson, SS/ 3B, Glenn HS, New Concord, Ohio (No. 25)

Emerson will Is the first home – since the 2nd overall pick Mark Lewis

Since, the status of the Guardians in the first round . They may also play for other high school bats like Eldridge and McGonigle, and possibly play for Waldrep.
13. Warriors: Kevin McGonigle, SS/ 2B, Monsignor Bonner HS, Drexel Hill, Pa. (

No. 25



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