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Moda Operandi Beauty 2023 Launch: The 10 Best Beauty Products to Buy, According to Co-Founder Lauren Santo Domingo

For Moda Operandi, the decision to launch its beauty destination was the logical next step in perfecting what co-founder and chief brand officer Lauren Santo Domingo calls the “Moda lifestyle”. After all, the platform is known for its unique perspective on fashion and design, expressed through its trunk show models and emphasis on emerging designers. “Personally, I’m excited about the convenience of it all: being able to buy sunscreen on a swimsuit, a dreamy red lipstick on an evening gown, or a hydrating serum on a ski suit,” she says Fashion.

In typical Moda fashion, the beauty editorial was carefully curated — spearheaded by Jessica Matlin, who took over as editor in May Moda’s Beauty Director 601. A beauty industry veteran and former magazine editor, Matlin has a keen eye for helping shoppers quickly discover the best without perusing what often feels like an endless supply. “The glut of products and collections is overwhelming for everyone, even beauty directors,” Matlin said in a release. “In fact, too many good things are too many.”

That said, Matlin promises to deliver “heroes and hidden gems” of the beauty industry. In addition to cult classics from Augustinus Bader, Dr. Barbara Sturm and La Mer, brands such as Isamaya, Violette_Fr and Ourself will also be launching new pieces in the market. “Every product you’ll see has been carefully selected because it’s the best in class or uniquely inspiring,” says Matlin.

Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Beyond products, Moda is passionate about creating unique experiences for Moda shoppers. “One of the most exciting parts of the category is the exceptional experience we provide, and I look forward to further developing it over time,” said Santo Domingo. “Where else can skip Dr. Devgan’s waitlist or get a hairstyling masterclass from Mara Roszak?” Now anyone can consult with select industry leaders to get the experts on honing their beauty regimen suggestion.

“As we do for fashion, home and jewelry brands, Moda is uniquely positioned to tell the story of beauty brands and empower our community to What to buy,” explains Santo Domingo. Today, the platform is about to launch 92 product24 brand covers cosmetics, fragrances, skin, body and hair care categories. But what does Santo Domingo personally lean towards? Read on to find out that ten of her favorite beauty products are on sale now at Moda Operandi.

Costa Brazil Oleo Para O Corpo Kaya Jungle Firming Oil

Santo Domingo calls Costa Brazil’s body oil “the perfect match for short skirts”. This promotes firmer-looking skin with a blend of natural ingredients rich in Omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamins A and E from the Amazon. But never quite like when you take part in a Miami Beach swim shoot. “

Costa Brazil Oleo Para O Corpo Kaya Jungle Firming Oil
Surratt Noir Lashes Cream

“I’ve never been one to overdo makeup, especially for everyday-day,” she explained, though Surratt’s mascara Leaves a long-lasting impression.”[It] doesn’t clump and provides just the right amount of definition to eyes without looking overpowering or makeupy. “

Joanna Czech The Cleansing Wipes

“As much as I would love to be someone who religiously follows a six-step skincare routine, no one is perfect,” admits Santo Domingo. “Joanna Czech wipes (basically our The adult version of the Neutrogena wipes I used as a teenager) has a place in my bedside drawer, perfect for those nights when I just want to crash after an event and not wake up with mascara on my pillowcase . “

Joanna Czech Facial Cleansing Wipes

Revive Intensité Volumizing Serum Ultimé

“When I Doing time to stick to a skincare routine, this is my go-to serum,” she shares. “It lifts and plumps like nothing else. ” Powered by a supercharged blend of peptides, ceramides, antioxidant-rich ingredients, and the brand’s Bio-Plumping Protein, this promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and texture.

Revive Intensité Extreme Plumping Serum

Tata Harper Vitamin Infused Cream Blush

“Another simple No-makeup makeup tip: Just dab a little on the apples of your cheeks, blend with your fingers, and after a late night out, your face will be revitalized,” she details of Tata Harper’s blush, which Red is made with a powerful botanical blend of camellia oil and calendula extract.

Tata Harper Vitamin Infused Cream Blush

Dr. Lara Devgan Scientific Beauty Platinum Long Lash

Among the best eyelash growth serums, Santo Domingo features Dr. Lara Devgan’s The product is named Top Pick. “This allows your lashes to grow in record time without worrying about redness or irritation,” she says of plant-based peptides, vitamin B5, and trefoil Herbal extract-driven elixirs when said.

PhD. Lara Devgan Scientific Beauty Platinum Long Lash
Crown Incident Dry Shampoo

“My hair is always at its best the day after I wash it, and of course, with the extra oomph from the dry shampoo,” Santo Domingo shared this Vogue editor’s favorite. “After the recent #hashtagcanceled, I made sure to throw out my aerosol and replace it with this one from Crown Affair. It’s a finger-applied powder that instantly lifts roots, and you can also use it on clean hair Adds grip and texture.”

Crown Events Dry Shampoo

Westman Atelier Light Up Highlight Stick

“I am not a fan in any way, shape or form shimmery highlighter,” she says. “Gucci Westman’s highlighter adds a clear, dewy finish with no shimmer.” Choose the highlighter in Santo Domingo’s go-to shade ‘Lit’ for a skin-like glow.

The Beauty Sandwich Secret Sauce

“My beautician, Iván Pol wants It’s a great product. It’s the perfect base for a radiant glow,” she points out. As the name suggests, think of it as a step between a serum and moisturizer, conditioning, repairing and protecting skin with a blend of essential fatty acids, ceramides and plant-based cholesterol. Not to mention it’s also infused with wild rose, sandalwood, jasmine and sweet orange for its healing properties.


0935475 Beauty Sandwich Secret Sauce

Reverence de Bastien Horn Nail Buffer

As Santo Domingo admits she doesn’t have the patience to sit down to get a proper manicure done, she relies on quick treatments she can do herself—like Reverence de Bastien’s handmade cushions from natural horn. “This buffer makes my hands look smooth and takes about seconds to use.”


0935475Reverence de Bastien Horn Nail Buffer



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