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Model Jessie Li's Intimate New York Wedding Was Inspired by an English Country Garden

The reception must be kosher, which narrows down the dining options in the first place. “Thankfully, Yoni is a big foodie and well-connected in town,” Jessie said. The groom rented food trucks from some of the top kosher restaurants to park in front of the venue, in addition to having the caterers plate up the food and pass it around the table like snacks throughout the evening. “So people can sit at designated tables and eat, or pick up food from different stations around the venue.” The award-winning chef at Izzy’s Smokehouse and Noi Due Carne offers a variety of rotating options: fried chicken sandwiches, Korean wings, slides nuggets, arancini, and some salads to start; followed by penne bolognese and short rib cavatelli pasta, freshly smoked pastrami and brisket, and chicken marsala for dinner; and finally, individual peanut butter mousse cakes, chocolate custard Shortbread and pecan pie for dessert.

Lulu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, New York (where Yoni has been since she was a child), was eager to realize their dream cake on short notice: a two-tiered vanilla cake A cake with passion fruit ricotta, cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips on the bottom, and a carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans. According to kosher law, the cake had to come out early and be sliced ​​for everyone to see, then Place a slice of each cake in a takeaway box for guests to take home at the end of the evening. “In the early days of wedding planning, Yoni told me, ‘You can plan and do whatever you want—really. Let me eat my food and cake,'” recalls Jesse. “Thank goodness I did and he really did. Everyone commented on the food and how delicious it was.”

Their first dance was Angus and Julia Stone’s “‘Big Jet Plane,'” which Jesse played to Yoni on their first date. “The first dance was a little awkward, but also very special and fun,” she says. “It’s so cool to open up this moment between us and all the loved ones around us and see how much we’ve grown together and how our love has blossomed since we first danced together to that song. In a sense, it felt like things came full circle, from strangers in love to each other, sealing it all in a split-second of five years.”

When the couple were captured by Yoni Touched by the heartfelt words of her parents, Jessie’s favorite moment is the completely spontaneous tossing of bread after blessing. “People treat it like a bouquet toss or a raffle, just cheering each other on and tossing food,” she said with a laugh.

After the reception, the couple drove back to their old neighborhood, where they rented the Williamsburg Hotel’s Skyline Suite, right on the water and facing the city skyline Line – also watched at the same spot where Yoni proposed two years ago. As for their honeymoon? “I travel a lot for work, so it’s difficult to plan,” says Jesse. “But we plan to return to London and will be traveling for a month in Europe sometime in the summer for work and play. We’ve learned to embrace a spontaneous lifestyle and try to make every day feel like a honeymoon.”



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