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'Modern Family' creator Steven Levitan on why his new show 'Reboot' isn't a Hollywood blockbuster

Love airs on Fox lot on Monday nights.

The studio hosts the premiere of Hulu’s new sitcom From the creator Stephen Levitan and it can be said that the sentiment starts at the top and gradually flows down.

“I would say it was a love letter and maybe a friendly roast,” Levitan said on the red carpet before the screening, describing the tenor early days of his new show 2000 A dysfunctional one in the hit sitcom The cast*) took to the stage immediately after the show host relaunched their show to Hulu .

This is definitely not a malicious take on Hollywood, so all the good vibes and all the glowing executives in and around the Daryl F. Zanuck Theater. “I’ve had a great career,” continued Levitan, who holds a ton of Emmys and has hosted Modern Family and shoot me . “I’ve met a lot of amazing people, some of them, you know, incredibly weird and eccentric, and that’s what I wanted to capture. Sometimes you can have a room full of very normal people sitting around Talking about something ridiculous and I wanted to capture that too.”

So he drafted talent Keegan-Michael Key , Judy Greer, Paul Reiser, Rachel Blue Mu , Johnny Knoxville , Calum Worthy, Krista Marie Yu and a bunch of daring cameos Stars come to fill the Levitan exec’s show with Danielle Stokdyk and Jeff Morton.

His first call was to Key. “It’s a very sweet thing,” the actor, producer and writer said of the pitch. “Steve and I have known each other socially for years, and one day he just said, ‘I want to talk to you about the idea for this show.’ As soon as he finished the idea, I walked away, ‘Oh my God, why not? No one thought of this? We had to make it happen now before anyone else came up with it. I told him if you could do it, I’d join in. I’m yours.'”

Bloom plays host Hannah, who pitches the eight-episode opening of the reboot’s first season to Hulu executives. A seasoned veteran who ran her own Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series with Erin Brosh-McKenna, she didn’t have to hunt around to get into roles. But she did make some delicate demands.

“Sometimes we should be running a writers room and the whiteboard actually has Step’s pilot story right away, ‘ Bloom explained. “I said, ‘Sorry, if we’re going to break the second episode, I need some thoughts on the second episode.’ I need that realistic feel.”

She also needs someone to pinch she. “Steve is one of the most successful showrunners of all time, and it feels so surreal to be on his show.” ‘

There’s more love flowing around Fox. (Even the showrunners were on the subject: DJ Kiss.) Top executives Craig Erwich and Karey Burke expressed their feelings during their introductions at the Zanuck Theater.

Erwich, who called Levitan “unparalleled,” also nodded, and the show aimed at the industry. “It’s important to be able to have fun with each other while making fun of each other,” said Erwich, president of ABC Entertainment, Hulu and Disney-branded TV streaming originals.

We all love things about this business and what he The perception of people in and out of the camera is way ahead of our industry,” Burke said 09 President of Television. “Steve somehow put a workplace comedy, a family comedy, and a story about friends and second chances into one show. The results were brilliantly observed, hilarious and passionate. Believe it or not , his story is underscored by an incredible career. Steve spent thousands of hours – despite his apparent youth – making TV, but also keenly observing the people who made it – Usually just at th, we’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Steve for over two decades, which is astounding because he’s so young.”

He too newlyweds.

Before presenting the first two episodes of Reboot’s Levitan took the podium from Burke, his first The task is to announce that he is only married a few hours ago. “When I’m walking down the red carpet, it just hits me, all the [cameras] are flashing, you know, after so many years in this business, it’s natural to me. But my wife Christina Very shy, she doesn’t like getting a lot of attention. She’s right there. Let’s give her a big [applause].”

Kristina stood up and waved to the audience, highlighting the scene Why is there so much love in the air. The Levitan actor is excited to send back more in his way.

“It’s been amazing to make this show,” praised Reiser. “It’s a world I know so well, so it’s really interesting to turn the camera around and show what it’s like to do the show. Showing what it’s like when a writer throws a tantrum in the room, when the writer is in conflict, when the actor has to deal with the writer and What happens when a writer has to deal with an actor. Some call it a parody or satire, but Steve and I call it a love letter to the world we love. It’s done with great emotion. ”

But wait, there’s more! “The best way to describe Steve is that he’s like an orchestra conductor. He sees comedy as music, that’s how I see it,” said Worthy, who plays a child star from the original series who will recreate start up. “And he’s so rhythmic and musical to comedy that he knows how to make a little tweak and he can make the whole scene work. I’ve never seen that before. He knows how to make a splash right at the start season, which will really pay off in the next few episodes. I’m a fan and a collaborator.”

Sounds like true love. Reboot is now streaming on Hulu.

Steven Levitan, creator, showrunner and executive producer of Dana Walden, Chairman of Disney’s Integrated Entertainment Content.

Stewart Cook/Picture Group 2000

ABC Entertainment Company Presidents, Hulu and Disney Branded TV Streaming Originals Craig Erwich, Steven Levitan and 09 Television President Carey Burke. Stewart Cook/ Picture Group 2022

Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Rachel Bloom, Judy Greer and Calum Worthy.

Stewart Cook/Picture Group 2000


DJ Kiss spins after the party. Stewart Cook/Picture Group 2000


The general atmosphere of the party after the show.

Stewart Cook/Picture Group 2000


The general atmosphere of a post-show party.

Stewart Cook/Picture Group 2000



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