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Molly Gordon Finds Catharsis and Bolognese on 'Bear's Season 2' Set

[This story contains spoilers for Bear Season 2 Finale .]

Like many people, bears is Molly Gordon’s favorite show 681. Unlike most, she joined when her favorite show returned for a second season. Gordon played Triple A in Booksmart and starred in Shiva alongside Rachel Sennott Baby, joins the Emmys – playing Camille’s childhood friend Claire, wins Collective Series; the two reconnect after a chance encounter at a grocery store, when they fall in love At the time, Kami questions his ability to successfully open a restaurant and be happy. “I was deeply influenced by it,” Gordon said of watching season two for the first time. “I ate it like candy, even though I was crying too. I’m so sad it’s done, between all of this and the end of succession , I really don’t know what to do.”

Here, Gordon – actually, she’s busy preparing for her writing and directing debut Drama Camp July version — told The Hollywood Reporter about her fateful FX theatrical journey, And reacted to theories from an enthusiastic fan base.

Played a lot of six degrees to figure out your connection to the show, but can you explain in your own words?

I met Chris through my first job [Storer, The Creator of Bear], that’s Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party . Gillian Jacobs is also in it, and she and Chris are in a relationship. At the time, Chis was directing a new play called Ramy and they needed an actor for a small role. Gillian recommended me, and after that, I would see Chris every now and then and he would say, for sure we would work together one day — that was always said, but never followed through. Working on Bears felt like returning to this space I’ve been longing to return to.

what was it like filming the season finale, especially at both ends of the walk-in cooler Heartbreaking scene ?

When I first read this episode 06[ENDING], voicemail never appears in it. Chris, Jeremy and I were discussing something when I joined the season. Jeremy and I have a connection – he’s a great guy, easy to find as an actor and a beautiful scene partner – and I think what happened is that Chris wanted to make the part more meaningful and set the stage for This episode adds more content. For me, acting in the scene of stepping into the set, knowing that Jeremy didn’t hear that voicemail, knowing he was going to hear it while he was stuck in the refrigerator, broke my heart.

Logically, how did you film that scene? Are you just talking to a door?

Jeremy stayed for it. A few days later, he was filming his side of the freezer, but he was on the other side and said those lines to me later. I’m a woman who’s been through a few breakups, so it feels cathartic and sad. It’s a horrible way to say it when someone says they don’t deserve happiness, or don’t deserve it.

What makes me feel cathartic?

I’ve been in a relationship and trying to fix someone like that. So I’m glad Claire’s gone. She didn’t say, “Oh wait, is that how you really feel?” She just chose to walk away from the situation.

back without inheritance, but a lot of fans like to hear about Matthew McFadyen off-camera in London to help film Logan’s death Sarah Snook’s story call…

I know, I listen to [director] Mark Millaud interviewed about it, and he couldn’t believe Matthew’s commitment. I don’t think people realize that most of the time when you’re on the phone or doing things like that, you’re doing it with a public address or a director. Sadly, it’s a surprising thing when an actor chooses to stay. It made perfect sense to me, but that’s who Jeremy is. He is so giving.

Is there a character in the play that resonates with you the most?

I think what I love about season two is the way it becomes a bigger ensemble show. You can really live with all the characters except Jeremy, who I think is the greatest actor of our generation. I also think Ayo Edebiri is the greatest actress of our generation. But I think Ebon’s character in episode 7 is one of my favorite TV episodes.

Jeremy Allen White as Cammy and Molly Gordon as Claire.
Chuck Hodders/FX 12355039722022

Did you see the theory from Twitter fans about Carmy and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) having a crush on each other?

I haven’t seen them yet, but I do think Kami and Sidney have an amazing on-screen Incredible energy, a testament to what Chris, Ayo and Jeremy can create with such passion. I don’t know how it all plays out, but we’ve all had those creative relationships where it becomes some sort of “will-them, won’t-them” relationship. Sometimes they’re just the ones you have everything for but without the romantic element. I’m interested though. I am on a journey with my fans. But I think it’s pretty cool to have this dynamic on screen that isn’t romantic but feels vibrant and sexy.

Have you learned how to cook during this period? How long were you on set?

This is the only thing that bothers me (laughs

). When I got the role of Claire, I was so excited that I could be a chef. Then realized I was playing a doctor, which was frustrating because I didn’t learn anything in the kitchen. I did see Courtney [Stoller] teaching Jeremy how to make bolognese. He made me bolognese in episode 8. But I do like wearing Figs, the most popular brand of scrubs, because they’re so comfortable. I want to be the face of Figs.

Do you have a favorite restaurant?

I grew up in Venice and when Gjelina and Gjusta came along it was a real game changer.

Sorry for the roll call, but a few weeks after I moved here permanently, I went to Gilina and Beyoncé sat A few tables passed in there – I still think about this every day.

Funny you say that because Ayo used to work at ABC Kitchen and Beyoncé came in while she was working. I also sat on her once when I was working at Balthazar and I think it was the most important thing that ever happened to me. I know I’ve talked a lot before about being on the Ramy show, but that was when I sat with Beyoncé. I just think she’s the greatest living person ever.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

Bear’s Season 2 is now available on Hulu.



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