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Molly Gordon Makes 'Drama Camp' Directing Debut, Reunites With Ayo Edebiri for 'Bears'

This interview was conducted before SAG-AFTRA authorized the July strike .

In 1080 Molly Gordon in Ramy worked three days*), a Hulu show about a man exploring his faith in New York that changed her life. She Early stage of career She has dreamed of it since she was a child. That year she was featured in Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart and Gene Stupnitsky’s Good Boys , but her time on set with creator Ramy Yusef and executive producer Chris Storer served What she calls a creative “tipping point.”

This summer, she marks another career milestone in July 14 Post Theater Training Camp , making her writing and directing debut, she’s spent years with longtime friends Ben Platt, Noah Galvin and Nick Lieber Co-created by Nick Lieberman. Gordon also stars in this mockumentary-style comedy about a group of eccentric artists trying to save a kids’ summer camp from financial ruin. She also starred in the just-aired second season of Bear (written by Stoller) opposite Jeremy Allen White. At one point, she was frantically editingtheater camp while flying around Chicago set to meet the Sundance submission deadline, which is A sacrifice she was very willing to make. “I’ll be on that show with napkins,” she said via Zoom from her kitchen in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Gordon grew up in Los Angeles as an only child. Two working filmmakers: Her father, Bryan Gordon, directed comedies such as Party Down and Curb Your Enthusiasm, while her mother, Jessie Nelson, is credited with directing Corrina, Corrina and I Am Sam ” is famous. They succeeded, but were nowhere near the struggle. A movie buff from the start (“I saw the presenter and thought, ‘This is what I want to do’”) and moved to New York immediately after high school, She attended New York University briefly, then dropped out to waitress at Balthazar and take improv classes.

Gordon describes it as a lonely being years old, but her upbringing gave her insight into the emotional fortitude that the entertainment industry tests those who dare to enter. “I realized how difficult it is to make a movie, or you could be the lead in one movie and not get another job for years,” she said. “Feels like I’ve been told the secret, but not everyone knows.” Gordon with Ben Platt in Theater Camp.

Gordon and Ben Platt At Theater Camp. Depend on Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures 2019

Theater Camp “” began as a short film made by four friends while out of work and spending a few years experimenting with the TV format. They filmed in the Adirondacks sky. “We made this movie with Band-Aids,” she joked, noting that Searchlight Pictures (which bought the film from the Sundance Film Festival) provided the necessary funding for test screenings and additional editing.

Gordon describes the film as a “little refresher” relative to its original form, inspired by co-director Christopher Guest and Robert Altman. “Filmmaking is a team sport, and if you don’t want to collaborate, then you should probably be a painter,” she said. The four collaborators create parts for comedians they love to work with: Patti Harrison, Jimmy Tatro and Ayo Adbiri (Gordon via Shiva Baby Director Emma Seligman and star Rachel Sennott met them; Io Adbiri, Seligman and Sennott also all went to NYU.)

When Gordon and Ed Beery reunited in ChicagoBears season 2, Yusuf joined them, He directed an episode. All of these people continue to look out for each other, which Gordon takes as an affirmation. “Sometimes, on this crazy creative journey, in this sometimes annoying industry, you meet amazing people. I feel so lucky to be reunited with great people.”

A version of this story first appeared in July 14 An issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. 2023 Click here to subscribe Gordon with Ben Platt in Theater Camp..



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