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Molly Ringwald says she turned down Julia Roberts' role in 'Pretty Woman': 'I really didn't like the story'

Molly Ringwald candidly talks about finding her way in Hollywood as a young woman and why she turned down the sign in

Sex RolesPretty Woman.

“It” girl movies like

The Breakfast Club

, Pink and Sixteen Candles, but when she wanted to branch out, she found it difficult.

“I don’t really feel like I can play a darker character,” she told explained The Guardian

in a recent interview . “The things I wanted to do, I didn’t get. I was too young for some roles. I was in this weird middle.”

When she tried to She’s even turned down a few roles, including Julia Roberts ‘ Vivienne, as she navigates the industry and finds out which projects are best for her Ward. Ringwald told the press that while the Erin Brockovich actress was on the hit 1988 rom-com, she “didn’t really like the story. Even then, I felt kind of sick.”

Directed by Garry Marshall, this film follows a sex worker (Roberts) who is hired by a businessman (Richard Gere) story) becomes his date at some social events, but they end up falling in love. After the film’s success, Roberts went on to receive an Oscar nomination for his performance as Vivienne.

But that wasn’t the only role Ringwald wasn’t nominated for. She also wasn’t in The Silence of the Lambs and in 1991 ‘s Working Girl

, and the director of the latter film, Mike Nicole Ernes told her, “‘She really needs to be there in the moment you feel pain. Your whole life is in front of you—no one will believe you.'”

Overall, the Riverdale actress remembers struggling in the spotlight, saying, “It was hard growing up in that situation.”

She continued, “I fully recognize my privilege – but I need to get rid of all this scrutiny. I just don’t fit in with it like some other people. Some people are really Good. Taylor Swift is awesome! But I’m uncomfortable with that level of stardom.”



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