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Molly Shannon on Playing a Darker, Savier Pat Dubek in 'The Other Two' Season 3

[This story contains some spoilers Two other episodes third episode. ]

Molly Shannon and her other two characters Pat Dubek may seem at first glance Not too similar. But as the actor takes on new challenges this season, and as the character transitions from clueless Midwestern mom to New York media mogul, there has been a moment when art imitates life.

The latest installment of the Max series from SNL alumni Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider – starring Case Walker, Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke as siblings ChaseDreams, Cary and Brooke Dubek – see Pat become “more than she ever imagined” Stronger,” according to HBO’s line.

Pat, now a billionaire, trades her endless and tiring workday as a talk show host for her own network head, with a certain This eased the workload – and being so well known, she couldn’t leave the house without security surrounding her. She’s also darker and funnier, Shannon said, offering a simple but relatable explanation: “Fame can change people.”

“I’m glad fans can Seeing my stuff come out in the second half of the episode had never been played before,” Shannon said. “It was an amazing experience and the acting was challenging. I was nervous to shoot that stuff and I’m really glad it finished in the can.”

Shannon Discussed with THR navigating story time jumps, coping with a “tougher” Pat, and how her character’s life mirrored her own.

Pat is at very different places in her life in each of the three seasons. What does this evolution look like to you?

It’s really funny because in the first season, she was an innocent from Ohio Mom has a heart of gold. Family is her center. She came to [New York] from Ohio and wanted to make her son a star, but knew nothing about show business. You’re going to see her reach such crazy levels of fame this season. She has her own media empire. She is in the public eye. She’s gotten more sophisticated and savvy about her acting career, and she actually speaks differently. It was really fun to play because I’ve never played a character like this before. I’ve never played someone so rich — you know, “Welcome to my house and my empire.” I’ve never really done a character like that before. I did White Lotus, but it’s not the same as Pat. They are very different characters. So, have fun.

What do you think happened to Pat during the three years we couldn’t see? How would you imagine her life during that time?

I think she’s really embracing her big life. It was far more than she had ever dreamed of. She’s grown up, and the way you see her talk is actually different than in season one. She is darker. She’s tougher, and she says a lot of funny things that you don’t hear in the first season. Fame changed her, and as a woman, as a famous woman, she really took her own power, and you’ll see that in season three.

For most of the first episode, you were hidden, just a voice. When you first read the script, what did you think of her time travel back?

I put a lot of trust in our talented and amazing presenter Chris · Kelly (Chris Kelly) and Sarah Schneider (Sarah Schneider). So I never worry. No matter what they want, I’m like, “Yay! Great.” They’re very good at what they do. I thought it was so funny that she was hiding under all these security guards and just looking out with a bit of a dental mirror. It just feels fun and hilarious, and I love it.

Brandon Scott Jones, Drew Tarver, Helen York Josh Segara and Season 3 Molly Shannon.
Greg Endress/HBO Max
1235002526Molly Shannon smiles as Pat Dubek in 'The Other Two' with Brandon Scott Jones, Drew Tarver, Helene Yorke and Josh Segarra in the background.

By the time we left season two, Pat was overworked and exhausted. Now she is surrounded by security and bored. What are your hopes for her future, maybe finding a balance between the two?

Pat’s real concern that day was family, and she wasn’t happy when she lost touch with them. It made her miserable. So she really had to find a balance. It’s exciting to have all these opportunities, and she appreciates that. She’s self-made from Ohio, and now her life just exploded. But she was alone, in fact, her world became so small. She needs to figure out how to make her life better. I think she’s disillusioned. What she didn’t realize was that it was going to be like living in a goldfish bowl. she does not know. There are many things to deal with. So I hope she finds a place of peace.

What was it like to work at the pace of this show, with two years between seasons and time jumps?

I was busy [during filming of season 2] when the show was shut down by COVID. I think I filmed two shows at the same time. I feel like Pat in real life. We’d do a scene where Chris Kelly would say, “Well, in this scene, Pat is so tired she has to take a nap standing up seconds. Then Pat is going to hop on a plane to see the red eye.” He’ll explain us Where in the script, I was like, “This is exactly what I I did today.” It always mirrored my own life, Molly Shannon life, flying around to shoot. I am mother. It’s so funny, Chris and I always laugh because I feel like that’s exactly what I’m doing.

When the COVID shutdown happened during our show – sure, we’ve all been through that very scary and crazy time – but on a personal level, I was so exhausted So much so that I thought, “Thank God I can rest.” I felt like Pat. I can rest with my family and then I can go home. I remember leaving my suitcase in a hotel in New York City for a year because I thought, “Oh, I’ll be back.” It was so surreal.

It’s crazy to think how long this has been going on. Case was young when he started, and he’s a young man now. Mostly, I just feel lucky that we were able to shoot this show with these talented showrunners and our talented cast, and we’re lucky to be able to shoot and make it through and we’re still on the air.

Do you have a favorite scene from this season?

I really like the scene with Ken [Marino] and us at my house where he’s trying to give Cary some really bad, mean advice. It’s hard not to laugh. He’s funny, and he still treats Pat’s kids like little kids. What a treat to watch Ken perform, [it’s hard] not to laugh. It feels good when you laugh that hard and perform, it’s like that release.

I think this happens a lot on this show.

Exactly. But it’s also hard, just like dialogue is hard. Well written, you want to get it right. We are also very focused. There are many things to remember. We shoot fast. Especially Drew [Tarver], he has a lot of heavy stuff this season. We’ve just had our big day, we’ve had a lot of conversations, and we’re all trying to help each other out. There are days when I’m like, “How am I going to get through this?” So it’s not always a joke.

We shoot on location and sometimes you shoot all the scenes for one location in one day. That’s a lot of conversation. I fly back and forth and I always carry my back on the plane. I remember when I finally finished, I thought, “Oh, I can watch a movie on a plane without cramming!” I feel that way now. After a while, your head starts to hurt a little. It’s nice to take a break from memory.

Is there anything you want fans to know about this season?

They shine when it comes to comedy, but another great thing about Sarah and Chris is that they are looking for new, Fresh ways to tell LGBTQ stories untold and original. It’s great to be represented on TV right now, and it’s just a joy to me to be a part of it. This is really important to me. I like to write. It’s funny, but also very heartfelt. Buckle up because season three might be the best season yet and I’m so excited for our fans to get to see it.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

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