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'Monarch' star Trace Adkins says he 'stayed away' from politics while filming with Susan Sarandon

Trace Adkins said he was with Susan Sarandon at Monarchs , given their diametrically opposed political leanings.

The country singer appeared on HBO’s live show Friday , host Bill Maher wonders if the politically conservative Adkins is in How did he fare at the Republican National Convention, getting along well with Sarandon, who openly championed progressive views. The new Fox episode centers on iconic country performer Albie Roman (Adkins) and his wife Dottie Cantrell (Sarandon).

After Maher said he wanted the two monarchs co-stars to be “fast friends”, Despite their ideological differences, Adkins replied, “I think we did it. No problem. We go to work, we do our jobs, we stay away from everything else.”

He continued, “There were a couple of times that it might have been a current event or something that would have happened that morning and she would watch the news and she would say something to me. But it was very brief, we just didn’t go there. We Just stay away from it. What’s the point?”

Maher was heartened to hear that, saying it should shed light on how the country should move forward in this polarized era. Adkins agrees: “Nevertheless, grievance fans have to do it. They have to have something to complain about. I don’t get up in the morning to complain.”

Monarch premieres Sunday and is one of Fox’s most anticipated new fall shows. In his review of the show , The Hollywood Reporter chief TV critic Daniel Fienberg wrote in part: “While it’s clearly very desperate to be a empire , only country music , Monarch is really just a long period of mediocre karaoke.”



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