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Moncler 2 1952 Fall 2022 Men's

Inspired by early

and orbital rave culture, this Sergio Zambon-designed Genius collection looks like a stealth classic to those in the know. While Zambon admits that his own early orgies were done in Rome, his research on volume, colour, collaborators and spirit combined to create a Moncler-flavored homage that runs counter to its source material.

“It’s about the fun and games of that carnival period,” says the designer, “Showing the childish side in a crazy and free way is Very attractive.”

Sherpa Clarks Kangaroo and Hooded in acid red or orange (or cooler beige) Barbers — one yellow and the other a fierce ocelot — are two of these collaborations that have served as revered specimens in the past. A T-shirt or hoodie with a woo-woo reinvention of the Moncler logo, referencing smiley faces, psychedelic flyer art and yin-yang symbolism, in sync with the vibrant and frenetic graphic styles of the time. An all-Moncler jacket, also Sherpa, with teddy bear ears on the hood — which, oddly enough, used to be a microtrend in the ritual of repeating beats. The crochet screw cap is as hard as you’d imagine Moncler ever got. Wisely, Zambon omits references to white gloves, pacifiers or glow sticks.

When it comes to trousers, you’ll feel like another rush (go to the Moncler store) is coming: tie-dye with workwear-inspired patches and cords Pleated parachute pants, reminiscent of the loose bends of that era, but also sweetly aligned with today’s gorpcore yen.




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