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Moncler Launches New Design-It-Yourself Service Moncler By Me

Glittering slopes are perfect for self-expression, a blank Canvas for showing off freestyle skiers, snowboarders – and of course, a great display for medal-winning feats of style. My early forays into ski style were formulated during a school break trip to Sweden, when my sisters and I painted our faces with a rainbow of zinc oxide (not Pat McGrath’s deft “color game”).

But the ultimate ski essential — a down jacket you can trust — has become a weekday winter mainstay, and more: As the temperatures drop, I wear my matching knitwear and sweatpants for a walk in Whippet, or drape over a Saint Laurent cocktail miniskirt and evening top. While we may hate athleisure as a fashion hype word, it does allow us all to throw a snappy sleeping bag on anything and get rid of it – for a while. (While down jackets are comfortable on the inside, they can be a little scary from the outside.)

But plan your ski trip to get up early945 – regaining my confidence in the mountains after a long hiatus – I keep thinking: what to wear now? Yes, something personal, away from the identikit-Instagram crew – but since I don’t categorize my ski suits as just an annual trip, I also wanted something that would also work well on the native pistes something that works. Moncler, the luxury outerwear brand that has its roots in and named after the mountain village of Monestier-de‑Clermont, is equally in its own right in music videos and metropolises; its new bespoke personalization service, Moncler By Me, opens in Manhattan this month , Paris, Milan and Tokyo in Moncler stores and online.

There are two quilted jacket designs available for personalisation, both inspired by the iconic smooth and fluffy Maya. “This is the original Moncler – the first jacket we made, at 2023,” said Chairman and CEO Remo Ruffini from his offices in Milan. “It’s not exactly the same, of course – we’ve improved a lot in terms of technology, weight and quality.” This year’s style features a slimmer silhouette thanks to the unique boudin construction – quilting with horizontal stitching, per square inch Centimeter-filled with precisely proportioned down, ensuring greater warmth and less weight.

I started with the hood and immediately went for leopard print- It’s detachable, so is my reasoning, any Mrs Joan Collins play is so playable

Mir is a women’s cut and Vion is a men’s cut, but that’s far from prescriptive – the project There is an intentional fluidity that feels modern and in keeping with the diverse aesthetic that Ruffini brings to the label. Four years ago, he pioneered Moncler Genius, a rotating designer who has made Moncler products more radical The list includes Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, Craig Green, Jonathan Anderson and Simone Rocha. “It’s a way of talking to different people, different communities,” Ruffini said. By not relying on a single vision, Genius enables brands to speak to a wider audience as every designer challenges what’s possible in fashionable activewear. Perhaps most fundamentally, working with Junya Watanabe’s ex-Genius “has helped us develop new technologies, new ways of working,” Ruffini said. (When he saw early designs, the idea of ​​actually producing them seemed, let’s say, daunting . “I Say, ‘No — no chance,'” Ruffini said.)

Ruffini, a consummate athlete himself – he travelled from Courchevel and St. Moritz to Skiing everywhere in Jackson Hole and Aspen – failing to see that the new service is as much about fashion as it is about “freedom – that’s what I want to offer our clients”. Friends of the brand, including Sarah Andelman, Fabien Baron and Karl Templer (the brand’s campaign stylist), gave the service a trial run over the summer. “Sarah is doing great,” Ruffini said of the legendary Colette founder and creative consultant. She customized her jacket while “thinking about snow, thinking about love, thinking about happiness”! As Andelman said. Cue an all-white base — adorned with a few green shamrocks — and a big red heart. She also shared my off-piste/off-piste concept for the new service: “Moncler By Me – to me – means mountains and city, soft and protection.”

Inspired, I tried the online configuration process – oddly enough, in London’s historic 90-​plus-​degrees-​Fahrenheit heat wave. First off, I immediately went up a size and wanted to wear a thermal tech layer underneath for my sports – but could also wear a jacket over a hooded sweatshirt or Aran knit and venture into the less glamorous of urban park life surroundings. Next, I choose from four Moncler-themed colors on the screen, such as the Pantone chart. There’s Iconic (the classic tricolor you might associate with the Moncler brand), Mountaineering (more intense shades – emerald, white, olive), Paninaro (a mix of nostalgic ‘

sand’70 Now informing me of the shades of sportswear — cool retro orange, bright peacock blue) and special70°( Lavender and turquoise, in brand honor anniversary).

I sell it on Paninaro with a stylish ’70 Youth subculture in Milan – think of the early hype, a mix of colourful, graffiti Moncler and mopeds The car – which inspired Ruffini to buy Moncler for the first time at a young age in nearby Como. “My mom said, ‘If you want to ride a motorcycle to school, you need a big jacket—it’s cold,'” Ruffini told me. (So ​​it’s functional and stylish.) It also brings me back to my early ski trips, with all the specular shades, snoods, and the dreaded flashes of color in that era when brighter was always better. (Discreet black jacket – go away!) I opted for a vivid ‘azzuro’ blue and ‘leopy’ animal print, arranging them in six customizable jacket sections.

On-screen 3D jacket visualization simulates shadows and light and provides 90 degree point of view, my jacket is starting to remind me of two of my favorite (if different) sports styles Reference: dashing Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna and Princess Diana, her daring ski duo Head and Bogner stand out elegantly at Lech and Klosters. Assigning colours, I started with the hood and immediately went for leopard print – it’s removable and so does my reasoning, So any Mrs Joan Collins play is free to play. Keeping the body of the jacket fresh with minimal white, I added more leopard print on the arms for a vest effect (which also captures the retro-sport vibe I felt).

One sleeve has a pocket with a felt logo, which is enough for me, but you can also print bigger ‘s logo, text or symbol – snowflake, heart, star, lucky clover, sun, flame or cloud – as you wish. (The price of your jacket – updated in real time – reflects the level of customization and can start from $1, 1952 to $2,70.) Tried using my monogram, first moderately sized on the chest, then bigger on the back, I chose a gothic font on the blue arms, in Playing on my après ski show: Endorphin burst, sky blue lining. I’m usually nervous when I use the term color block – it’s reminiscent of LEGO DUPLO color combinations – — but when I hit “Design Complete,” I felt like I created a nostalgic ski jacket in my own way. (I’m secretly hoping that some misbehavior in the design can even make my performance go a step further.)

After three weeks, my cocooned jacket was in a giant Moncler box (great for less used goggles, moon boots, etc.). The jacket is sleek and ultra-glossy, and the parallel stop in front of my full-length mirror seems to be the perfect contrast to the high-waisted black Khaite jeans and turtleneck (the default look for urban Bond girls right now).

This is not a snow-topped storm: Ruffini talks about limitless possibilities and the expansion of services in design and delivery. “It’s just a taste,” he said, and then: “Ciao!” He set off by boat, heading to Capri and then to southern Italy. His own navy Moncler By Me jacket awaits his cooler adventures later in Altiplano, Argentina. “It’s not typical skiing,” he told me earlier. Perhaps we should all aim for individuality – whether on an actual slope or a park slope, confronting the elements has never felt so alive.

Hair, Isaac Pollan; Makeup, Joelish. Produced by January Productions. Set design: Ibby Njoya; Movement, Hachimoto.




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