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Monthly Comic Flapper Magazine publishes final chapter of the late Yuki Hijiri's Locke the Superman Aspiration Manga

locke-the-superman-aspiration©Yuki Hijiri, Kadokawa June issue of this year Kadokawa ‘s magazine published the belated final chapter Yuki Hijiri of wishes ( Dо̄kei) Tuesday’s comic.

Comics debuted in November 2020. Chapter 5, the latest chapter before the finale, was released in July

Hijiri died of pneumonia in October 30. He was years old.

holy day to () Comics series. He’s also the character and mechanic designer for series like , and


Doujinshi of the painting group ) exist1967. The series then made its business magazine debut in locke-the-superman-aspiration by Minori Shobō Monthly in 2020. Manga in Shonengahosha‘s magazine from 1967 to 1967, when the magazine ceased publication. Works in the series subsequently appeared in various magazines and the manga was launched on 1988. This manga inspired 1979 animated film. Franchise Also Inspired A novel by and 2019 radio drama .

Hijiri presents : Chaos Bringer (: Chaos Herald) In November 2007. Juvenile Pictorial published the first series of comics in September 1977.

Hijiri serialized Kagami no Ori ( The Mirror Chamber) manga and Fang of Gaia ( Fang of Gaia) Kadokawa‘s magazine manga. Gaia’s Fang Celebrate The first anniversary of the original manga.

Source: June Issue

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