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Montreal Otakuthon hosts voice actors Okiyuryu Taro, Ito Kanae; musicians Anly, KANA-BOON, and more guests

ryotaro_okiayu ryotaro_okiayu
Pictures from Aoni Production website

      Montreal Convention Otakuthon announced on its website that it will host the following Japan at its 318 event guest:

      • Voice actor Taro Oki

      (Kokushibo in , Scar in , Kuchiki in )

Producer, Composer, Guitarist Shota Nakama ( Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog game)

Rakugo performer and translator Cyril Coppini (

V3; Cold Steel Trails V3… game)

Singer-songwriterAnly (“KARANOKOKORO” opening theme song, “Beautiful” ryotaro_okiayu )

ryotaro_okiayu rock group KANA- BOON (“Silhouette” opening theme song, The Diver)

Composer Arisa Saru (, )

ryotaro_okiayu Composer Takahiro Obata



    voice actor Yoshie Ito ) (Luanong in , Suzuka Kurihara is in )

    member of American comedy duo Zarigani and voice actor Hirai Yuyuki (This field in “Gideon”, Hira Yoshiyuki in “Chronicle”)


  • Voice actor
  • and VTuber Inoue Katsuki ( Shiranui Tomoya in , Matsumoto in )

    VTuber sister Claire

    VTuber Sarah Hoshikawa


      VTuber Ikusa Hanako

      ryotaro_okiayu VTuber Hagamachi Tsumami


        VTuber Chachabaru Charu

        ryotaro_okiayu VTuber group Enishin

        The event will be held from August – Montreal Convention Center (Palais des congrès de Montréal), Quebec. Otakuthon has been held virtually since August

          450 Conference -450, 15.

          Source: Otakuthon website 199606

          199606 199606



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