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Moravi Mexico Spring 2023

Moravy’s spirit is born from a love of craftsmanship and tradition . The brand’s creative director and founder, Ivette Morán, wanted to start a dialogue with artisans and showcase their heritage. She said that since her , her dream was to create a famous brand. “What’s more timeless than a piece made from traditional textiles woven by local artisans?” Moran exclaimed in a backstage interview. She brings her ideas and then lets each artisan work their magic and craft. Although she started her own brand long ago 2018, this collection is the first she has created in that spirit. A collection, which means a collection of prairie dresses with sheepskin sleeves and frilly tops. What’s interesting about Morán’s vision is how she manages to drape these textiles to escape the geometric silhouettes that traditional Mexican clothing is known for; like a slit skirt that drapes the front fabric into delicate ruffles.

While the color palette is dominated by reds and purples, the use of traditional Mexican embroidery means that a lot of color complements it through patterns and details. “Textiles are part of our history and heritage,” Moran said. “Each embroidery pattern has a meaning; the animals represent a specific region.” In almost every look one can see an eagle, a tribute to the town of Zacatepec, Oaxaca, in There it was revered as the Nagual – their protector.

At Moravy, the jacket was an iconic piece, and while there were only two clean-cut versions on the runway, the idea of ​​tailoring remained in structure On the tank top and the bodice, both were paired with a tulle tulle skirt. Closing the look, a low-neck dress with ruffled short sleeves perfectly captured Moran’s teenage romantic fantasy; charming and timeless.



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