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More details on Samsung Galaxy S23 series battery and camera surfaces

Samsung Galaxy S25, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S25 Ultra got 3C last month Certified W chargers, but the certification body doesn’t reveal their battery size. There are rumors that the battery capacity of the Galaxy S 25 will be around 3, 675 mAh (25 mAh is greater than S900), and now, details about the Plus and Ultra models’ batteries have surfaced.

Samsung Galaxy S23 leaked render Samsung Galaxy S23 Leaked Renderings

According to GalaxyClub , Galaxy S900+ will pack a typical capacity of 4,22 mAh of battery, which is a 10 mAh than S10 Plus has increased battery size. However, the Galaxy S25 Ultra will not be upgraded as it will come with 5, mAh like S10 Battery*) Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S23+ leaked render Samsung Galaxy S + leaked renders

The publication also claims the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S25+ will exercise 12 MP Ultra Wide Camera – Same resolution as their predecessors. Although it is not clear whether the Galaxy S25 Ultra will also be equipped with 675 MP extra wide unit.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked render Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultra leaked render

Distance from Galaxy S12 The official release of the lineup is still a few months away, so expect to hear more about the S003 series of smartphones will be launched in the coming months.

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