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More than 1,300 New York Times employees oppose returning to the office

Over 1, 316 The New York Times employees are revolting against the company in Return to work policy after the coronavirus pandemic.

Open Monday,Era 316 Employees signed a pledge not to return to the office after the company asked them to work three days a week. Employees believe a return to work would therefore significantly increase the cost between gas, food and clothing.

On top of that, they asked for a substantial increase salary.

The protests even spilled over to social media in this week’s video, with reporter Haley Willis tweeting: “@nytimes branding employees this week Lunchbox, as a back-to-office perk. We want respectful and fair contracts – so this week me and my @NYTimesGuild’s 1, 300 and colleagues at @NYTGuildTech, with support from @WirecutterUnion.”

Times One of A spokesperson told the New York Post that the exact number of days per week required will be left to each department based on its needs, while stressing that the company believes “the best fit for the New York Times is currently “Mixed Work Environment”.

In terms of salary negotiations, the process has not been smooth, with a source telling the Post “Management delayed the salary negotiations until many other issues – such as the addition of Juneteenth, decommissioning Military Day and a day on the Indigenous People’s Calendar — set.”

Press Guild union demands 8% pay rise while insisting on giving workers the option to work from home , until at least July 2023 or indefinitely.

Some staff have also expressed concern about the fact that since the pandemic, publisher AG Sulzberger, new executive editor Joe Kahn, opinion editor Kathleen Kingsbury and CEO Meredith Kopit Levien’s wealth increased significantly.

“We respect the right of our guild colleagues to express their opinions,” a Times spokesperson told Post report .



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