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Morning News: Darren Till explains his side on UFC 279 news drama: 'It's normal'

Where one “Smesh Bro” went, another followed.

UFC 279 Fight Week was not only the fastest pre-fight press conference ever, but it has gone down in history but is perhaps the most eventful. After bringing out the two main card opponents Kevin Holland and Daniel Rodriguez, UFC President Dana White hopes to pull the next two fights one by one because there is some tension in the backstage. Instead, White canceled the whole thing, noting that it wasn’t long before things got “very physical” and involved too many moving parts to function safely. An interaction between Khamzat Chimaev and Holland in one of the main events, before Chimaev’s opponent Nate Diaz and his team get involved.

Since Chimaev’s last fight earlier this year, he has formed a strong friendship with UFC middleweight contender Darren Till, and the Briton is closing in on “Borz” again. During Thursday’s press conference, Till shared his thoughts on catching up with Mac Life.

“It’s normal,” Till said. “I don’t know if I’m saying that because we’re fighters, because we’ve been fighting.

” So, we’ve been separated for the whole week, the team, we have about 30 people, I think about 50 people. There are big teams. So, we came in, six of us each. I think Nate had six people coming to the media and six of us waiting in the background. Then when we came out, they would say, “Go inside and sit down.” But Khamzat was alone, so I thought, “Is he all right?” I looked at Kevin, and Kevin was alone, so everyone All alone, I don’t know where Nate is.

“We’re on our side and they’re on their side,” he continued. “They all stood up, so I got up with a couple of guys and the security kept following us and it was like, ‘until, sit down’. I was like, ‘No, they got up, I wanted to get up. They just Like, ‘But you’re looking at them, and they’re looking at you, and something’s going to happen. Really nothing’s going to happen, right? So he’s like, ‘Until, please. Sit down.’ And I said,’ Well, I’ll sit down, but when Khamzat came out for the press conference, we all got up. I want you to know. He said fine.”

In an interview with the media, White also emphasized that the water bottle flew and was specifically linked to former fighter manager Tiki Ghosn. Meanwhile, Till finds some time to interact and take photos with fans, but remains on the Diaz side as they do their thing.

“Then I saw a security guard running in the background, and I thought, OK, what’s going on here now?” Thiel said. “Then Dana came out and was like, ‘We canceled the press conference.’ So everybody got up at MGM and everybody left, no matter what they were doing. I couldn’t get to the entrance, so I and Guram [Kutateladze], we jumped the hurdle. We ran over and Khamzat was on the other side. I didn’t see where Nate was, but none of Nate’s people who were going to come in. Nate was like somewhere out there or something I didn’t see Kevin and then we went to Deep Bay. That’s all we saw, so obviously there was something before that, I think.”

until going on to explain that there are some regretful feelings about staying away from Chimayev because he was at the heart of the event. With the weigh-in ceremony later today, he promises “Smesh Bros” will not be separated in case any further shenanigans begin.

White was also asked about the ritual being a legitimate question after the event, but assured it would never happen again. So it’s safe to expect a final Diaz UFC face-off quite a distance away as he prepares to complete his contract.

“I think people out there are just building it a little bit more than it is,” Thiel said. “That’s it. 100 million percent [a big battle may have started]. All I know is… Diaz’s team is over there, maybe 57 people, and we’re over there, about 35 people. Let me To tell you one thing, most of them are fighters, most of us are fighters. All of this is like me, I’m like that… Most of us are from the streets, most of them People do it. That’s what we’re used to doing. If we get close, things get said. Someone’s going to look at someone and say who are you looking at? Then we’re all going to fight. That’s what’s going to happen .”


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can’t beat it.


Interesting flex.

So, still very happy


He’s still 47 years old and has a lifetime of fighting miles. Jack is 25 years old, full of energy, and has no wear and tear on his body. I don’t know if smooth will prevail over body in this fight. But I hope so. — Alan Jouban (@AlanJouban) September 8, 2022


full of lifelong competition.

Story time.

very generous.

So everyone knows. I give that clown a free beard trim. I don’t know of any place in the US that offers this service for free! I’m accurate, I promise I won’t knock him. Serve you like a hotel staff brother.

— Kevin Holland (@Trailblaze2top) September 9, 2022

reaction to yesterday’s chaos.

Let me be clear. I dumped a guy, I was the worst thing the sport has ever done, and no sportsmanship. Mfers start press conference brawl and cricket? lol MMA social media is not shit

— Chris Curtis Actionman (@Actionman513) September 9, 2022

Latest Instagram Stories by Khamzat Chimaev. “I told them not to play with us. Kevin and Nate got what they deserved “

It looks like they’re all separated now.

— Giorgi Kokiashvili ✊ (@iHeartGeorgius1) September 9, 2022

Press Conference After the end, tensions between Kevin Holland and Chimayev’s team continued in the halls, followed by rival Daniel Rodriguez from the Netherlands.

via IG/chrisslowens

— Aaron Bronsteter (@aaronbronsteter ) September 9, 2022

it happened .


what a dramatic MMA ! Thank goodness it’s Friday…and have a great weekend guys. thanks for reading!


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