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Mother's Day: Lessons From 27 Beauty Experts

“My mom always wore very bright lipsticks, ranging from pink to red. My earliest beauty memory of her is seeing her The tube of red lipstick and powder with white marabou spilled from the jar on the dresser. She was always fashion-forward, but at the same time so naturally classic, she dressed herself up very well. She truly embodies natural beauty, But it can be dressed so elegantly. The ability to combine these elements and the unique end result has always haunted my aesthetic way, which embodies the combination of natural bases with elements of elegance and simplicity. In terms of health, she taught me Always eat healthy, combining lots of fruits and vegetables with as little sugar as possible.These lessons on taking a simpler, healthier, farm-to-table approach are an integral part of everything I do today “

Odacité founder Valerie Grandury

Valerie Grandury with her mother, Michèle Grandury Photo: Courtesy of Valerie Grandury

” with most French As a woman, her beauty routine is simple and consistent. To this day, if I go to bed without washing my face, I can hear her say “make sure your skin is clean and well-hydrated before you go to bed…” All she cares about is oils, serums, and Massaging skin stimulates firmness. After my first facial with her esthetician when I was younger, they became a monthly mother-daughter get-together. Odacité is deeply inspired by her beauty rituals, from treatment products to stimulation A scraping tool for the skin. She is also an advocate for bare skin and insists that “the best makeup is bare skin with a touch of red lipstick and mascara! “Skincare should be your makeup and the rest is accessories. Maman believes beautiful skin is also nourished from the inside out, good food and a glass of red wine! Like her, I only care about healthy and glowing bare skin. I agree with her Like her, my “gourmet” is always homemade, never processed, but the ingredients are very different. Maman’s is very French with meat, cream, cheese and bread. Mine is dairy free Manufactured and botanical, but wine glasses are ok!”

Vicky Tsai, founder of Tatcha

Vicky Tsai and her mom, Sue-Jen Tsai Image: Courtesy of Vicky Tsai



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