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Mowalola Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear

“Sue Me” is a challenge to the look17 tank. After this show by the Yankees, NBA, Marlboro and MoMA, they might feel entitled to have Mowalola Ogunlesi involved. But they shouldn’t. Their witty bootleg at the hands of Ogunlesi is a creatively valid (if legally dubious) appropriation of IP to adorn a New York-themed collection imbued with generation-specific but also broadly timeless tension and need.

The designer explained her reasoning backstage: “It’s about the collapse of society. I imagine what people will wear in the end.” She believes that the fuse of this collapse may be Triggered by the film that now connects us all: “Low key we’re actually in the final battle between life and technology. I feel like a lot of companies are gaining enormous power over a lot of things.” It’s true , but it used to be, just through a different platform. Still, the beginning of this The Last of Us, albeit fungus-free, leads to a very interesting stylish dystopia.

Mowalola is a very desirable brand: Zoom-call-with-benefits, trouser jeans and skirts with clever garters; crotch shorts, pants and skirts; Insert Disc Here dresses (What an analog!); the closing series of the ballroom, as well as the masks, point to this. Ogunlesi said: “It’s about an aspect of life that is left in the dark and that’s what we really want. A lot of people don’t celebrate them. You have politicians who do things, and when things come out, they act like they’re not. “

A brand built among young people will always appeal to the hypocrisy of elders – here of course the epitome of tailoring – and stand up for free speech in the process of resisting the system . Mowalola looks like a new chapter in an old story that should read well in the same digital context in which she has deftly positioned herself as the questioner.




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