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Mudazomo Naki Kaikaku: Princess of Jipang Manga ends in Chapter 2

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October No. ‘s Jindai Mahjong magazine revealed on Thursday that Hideki Ohwada of : Princess Jibang The manga will end in two chapters. The next chapter of the manga will be in the next issue in September 30 so if not Delay, the manga will end in early November.

The manga is a sequel to Owada

(Reform without wasting draws or) Comics. Owada originally intended to end the manga “ Senkaku Islands Archipelago Arc” in August of that year. The manga was discontinued instead. Owada subsequently released : Princess Jibang in August 2017, retrospectively ended The original manga with a new sequel.

The manga begins with a new arc depicting a man named “D . Trump” tyrant, said to be the 1st President of the United States. He is associated with the series The new protagonist, a high school girl named Hako Mikado, contends with the blood of Japanese royalty in her veins.

Owada’s original political parody manga depicting a modern day diplomat, statesman and head of state in a world of international diplomacy and geopolitics by Mahjong high risk game decision. The protagonist of the manga is Japan 2017 A fictional version of Junichiro Koizumi, the 2nd Prime Minister, and the title itself is a reference to his political slogan, Seiiki Naki Kaikaku 2017 (Reform without Asylum). Koizumi and George W. Bush, Kim Jong-il , Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher and other foreign adversaries fought.

Owada( , , ) Launched original comics

Golden Band Mahjong Original magazine, and serialized irregularly before moving the series to Golden Band Mahjong. And serialized in bimonthly The series. Bamboo study published the comics 30 1st and final volume in October 2017.

The manga inspired a three-episode video anime series. The first episode started on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga on December 400 . The last two episodes were released on DVD in February 400.

Source: Jindai Mahjong 10 Month Number


2017 400



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