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MultiVersus is expanding its lineup with Gremlins and Black Adam

Season 1 of MultiVersus is now underway after a brief delay – but that’s not the only thing fans are excited about. Some fresh artwork for the game reveals that DC’s Black Adam and Stripes from the horror series Gremlins will be heading to Arena Warriors in the near future.

On Monday, Warner Bros. and Player First Games confirmed the news with Season 1’s Black Adam and Stripes artwork, which can be viewed on the game’s login screen or on the official website. The two fighters will follow the first batch of new characters from season one, Rick and Morty, from the hit animated show of the same name. Morty is expected to land the game next Tuesday, August 23.

Black Adam and Stripe appear in MultiVersus promo art.

Black Adam joins other DC heroes Batman, The ranks of Wonder Woman and Superman, all of which have gone live since the game entered open beta last month. The addition of the character makes sense considering DC’s upcoming Black Adam movie, which is set to hit theaters in October. Meanwhile, the introduction of Gremlins antagonist Stripes is a testament to the team’s willingness to mine the extensive history of WB’s memorable films and characters. However, so far, there is no information on what type of fighters they will be. MultiVersus Season 1 made several requested improvements to the game, including a significant increase in Battle Pass XP rewards and the ability to test the announcer pack before purchasing. But more importantly, it provides some much-needed buffs and nerfs to unbalanced characters, while fixing all sorts of frustrating bugs. Here are the full patch notes.

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