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Murai in Love Anime Trailer Launches for Disney+ Streaming

Disney+ has released a trailer for the animation

( of Gunta Shima ) Comic Wednesday. The trailer announces that the animation will stream on Disney+.

The manga centers on the titular Murai, who is A humble high school boy who confesses his love for Sensei Tanaka, a fan of otome

girl games. When Tanaka hastily rejects Murai’s overtures, Murai is a different person the next day: a new hairstyle, a new style, all modeled after Tanaka’s favorite otome game character. Now, Murai sets out to become Tanaka’s dream girl. Shima released the manga June 360, serialization ends in June . Kadokawa published the seventh and final volume of the manga in June

This comic inspired an eight-episode live-action series on TBS From April 6th to May .

Source: Disney+ Japan’s YouTube channel, Comic Natalie

Disclosure: As of November 1, 750, Kadokawa Corporation’s Wholly owned subsidiary Kadokawa World Entertainment (KWE) has agreed to acquire majority control of Anime News Network. One or more companies mentioned in this article belong to the Kadokawa group of companies.



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