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Musk-Whistleblower Twist in Twitter Battle – Elon Musk Sends Deal Termination Letter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk filed additional documents terminating his agreement to buy Twitter. It’s based on information from a whistleblower complaint filed by Twitter’s former security chief.

Former Twitter security chief Peiter Zatko (also known by his hacker name “Mudge”) has revealed that the social media platform has misled regulators about fake accounts and bots.

He also said that the social media platform does not have the resources to count the exact number of bots, while adding that Twitter does not intend to obtain the data.

Musk has accused Twitter of not disclosing important details of the $44 billion deal he requested. According to Bloomberg, Musk’s lawyers referred to Zatko’s allegations that Twitter violated the terms of the agreement.

The SEC filing by Musk’s team also includes a letter to Twitter Inc. and addressed to Chief Legal Officer Vijay Gadde. It mentioned that the allegations made by Zatko provided additional grounds for terminating the deal if the termination letter filed in July was “determined to be invalid for any reason.”

Both Twitter and Musk have sent a subpoena for Peiter Zatko.

Zatko’s testimony will give Musk the upper hand in the legal battle. This was done to get rid of Musk’s deal with Twitter, which the platform required him to complete. According to a report, more than 100 people, banks and other companies have been subpoenaed to participate in the lawsuit. The trial is said to begin on October 17.

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