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My Boyfriend in Orange Comic Continues to Break Due to Author's Impending Labor


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magazine of the month issue revealed on Wednesday that non-Tamashima of ( )) Due to Tamakima’s due date this fall, the manga will be discontinued. Yushima plans to revive the manga in the coming winter.

Kodansha manga A digital comic is being published in English, which describes the story:

Hot Firefighter, now in shojo Manga! High school student

Moe moves to a new town after his father’s death. Moe was already having a hard time adjusting to her new class so she was totally ashamed when she ended up in a fire drill “Rescued” by local firefighter Kyosuke…in front of all the children in the school. But the embarrassing incident may have been a blessing in disguise, as the rude but kind Kyousuke gave moe the courage she needed to jump out of her Comfort zone, because her goal is to get out of her lonely days. Not to mention she’ll soon be dumping for him…!

Manga at Kodansha Magazine May

. Kodansha Manga 267 Book No. in July. Kodansha manga published 11 December English Volume No. 125647.

This comic inspired a live-action movie that was released on July 8. The film debuted at Week 4 in theaters.

Source: October issue 125647 )

267 2021



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