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My Hero Academia Season 6 ‒ Episode 135

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Dear readers, I think we know each other pretty well so far. So I’m asking you to allow me to dig into some tired old superhero comics discourse for a while. I promise I have a point.

If you like Western Cape comics, Even just following their ancillary media, you’ve probably heard the never-ending debate about what Superman should look like in the modern day. Some thought he should be grim and down-to-earth, forced to confront his alien origins forever cut off from the rest of the world, and forced to compromise the character’s golden age ideals to resonate with a more jaded audience. Others prefer something closer to his original incarnation, a positive and selfless beacon of heroic ideals we often wish to see in the world, serving as a role model. Personally, the stories I love the most about Supes are the ones with a lot of tension; Superman is a truly admirable and optimistic man whose consistent heroism is what he tries to do in the face of a chaotic and often brutal reality. remain optimistic. It’s just a fascinating drama for those who, with genuine compassion, try to make the world a little bit better, but always feel like they could have done more. Superman is incredibly powerful and can do more good than almost anyone else on Earth, but even he can’t single-handedly fix the world’s ills, which would eat away at him with some ferocity.

Not much to say, I ate it all This Cryptid Deku is as dramatic as a hungry goblin partly because it’s just as indulgent as my last paragraph. Kōhei Horikoshi has a Clear and enduring love of western superhero comics, especially Spider-Man, but he rarely delves into it ‘s “dark” ages are his main source of inspiration. Deku isn’t a character who can convincingly be a gritty-throated badass, contemplating life and death while brutalizing his villains, or delivering gritty monologues in the dead of night. Now, he doesn’t have to be. Instead, his dark side manifests as a worn-out, ragged, never-ending force consumed by his sense of personal responsibility to the point where he no longer feels like a person. That’s it MHA Can justify its protagonist who wanders the streets and sees the whole world as a terrifying villain with unknowable powers that scares strangers even when he tries to help them. Spooky of ultracheese, but written in characters to support it.

Although really, it’s just for everyone Something who knows what Deku might have seen. From day one, his defining characteristic has been self-sacrifice. When he saw someone in danger, no matter what the situation, his first and only instinct was to throw his nerdy little body into the fire. He spends the first half of the show constantly smashing his own bones for this purpose, becoming more capable and powerful just to fan those flames. With his various eccentricities and the threat of the world’s biggest villain, he finally gains the power and agency to grind himself down without anyone stopping him.

Of course All Might can’t because he’s been doing the same thing. For decades, he gave it his all, even when his body was failing and his strength was a shadow of his prime, and only retired when he was physically unable to keep going. Only now, when he is forced to watch his protégé slowly self-destruct, does he truly understand how hard it must be for those closest to him. In many ways, All Might had been the perfect mentor to Deku, but here and now, even he knew he couldn’t tell the kid what he desperately needed to hear. His life as an indomitable symbol of peace left him powerless to prevent his successor from repeating the same mistakes. The truth is, no one can be All Might, and even All Might, Deku will likely destroy himself before he can figure it out.

This is very heavy and even heartbreaking The first half of the episode, but thankfully there’s a light on the other end of it. The secret is that while All Might chose Deku as his successor, his legacy is far broader than teaching One For All. A whole generation has remembered his heroism, and a good portion of it recognized a vicious circle at work. I love that Bakugo is the first to speak up – he knows how his opponents and mentors operate, and has enough distance to realize how their worst habits can form a death spiral.

However, this is the entirety of Class 1—— A man who chooses to act, who comes to stop their friend from ruining himself, sets the stage for another delightfully indulgent story next week. Every Shonen Wars series loves the chance to have comrades fight each other, soaking up the drama that friends have to clash and cross, even though they care deeply about each other. MHA Thankfully, it does a good job of building that moment, letting the confrontation emerge organically from the characters’ personalities and choices. There’s no brainwashing or hidden secrets; just a kid willing to sacrifice himself for the world, and friends who want to pull him back from that brink.


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